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Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois

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Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois

Vehicles are necessary for the landscape-diverse state of Illinois, but so is money. Do you find yourself in need of quick cash but are afraid to apply for a loan due to bad or now credit? If so, Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois is here to help you find the perfect low-monthly payment title loan.

Finding a title loan in the Land of Lincoln can seem daunting, or even a little confusing. Max Cash Title Loans takes care of most of the work to make it easy for you to find the perfect title loan and get the money you need now.

Max Cash Title Loans’ secure and simple process will help you decide on which loan is best for you. There are two unique options in Illinois for getting title loans. Rest-assured, all title loans that Max Cash Title Loans brokers offer very  low monthly payments and even loans with interest rates that drop every month after every successful on-time payment.

Use the handy Max Cash Title Loans calculator to discover what your payments could look like. Then apply with our fast and secure online application, and you’ll receive a call from a Max Cash Title Loans representative to assist with the next steps.

Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois offers the fastest and simplest service of finding title loans in the Land of Lincoln.

Below are the two options for service that Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois offers.

Option 1 – Low-Monthly Payments That Continue to Decrease

  • Low payments starting around a 175% interest rate (Compared to competitor rates of 200 – 400%)
  • Payments continue to lower every month as the interest rate drops with every on-time payment
  • Last payments could be 50% less from where they began!2
  • Up to 3 years to pay off the loan3
  • Borrow more money at your current interest rate1,2
  • You can increase your credit score!
  • No need for an in-person vehicle inspection
  • Provide a few simple documents and upload online
  • No Hidden Fees!

Option 2 – A Higher Interest Walk-In

  • Must drive to the store to meet face to face
  • Provide documents in person as well as have the vehicle present
  • Interest rates are higher
  • Vehicle must be inspected on the spot by a loan officer
  • Get a check or cash on the spot

Applying for a Title Loan

Max Cash’s application process is simple and fast. The first step is to complete the convenient online application and have your car’s information (year, make, model, and mileage) ready. The sign and submit and a Max Cash Title Loans representative will call you ASAP.

You also have the option to simply call (855) 561-5626 seven days a week and speak with a Max Cash Title Loans representative.

Max Cash Title Loans is available for you to talk, chat, and even text with a representative throughout the whole process.

3 Simple Steps to Secure a Loan Today

  1. Apply for the loan
  2. Get approved
  3. Get your money!

Get the money you need fast with the help of Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois.

Requirements for Car Title Loans in Illinois

  • Be a resident of Illinois and be at least 18 years of age
  • Own a vehicle that is fully (or is close to being) paid off
  • Have a verifiable source of income
  • Car insurance
  • A few personal references

Need More Information on How Title Loans Work?

The process of getting a title loan can seem confusing at first. Max Cash offers this complete step-by-step guide that covers how title loans work. Also, take a look at our frequently asked questions to see if we can better assist you!

More on How Option 1 Works

Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois will keep your best interest in mind as they work alongside you every step of the way. Max Cash provides a hassle-free service that gets the loan you need in the time that you need it!

Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois is fast, secure, and convenient. Life happens, and when it does, you need an affordable loan that is not only fast and convenient, but also can help you reestablish your financial stability. With all these benefits, you can be certain that you’re getting the best deal possible on a title loan in Illinois.

A Further Break Down About the Loan Process

Low-Interest Payments

Other title loan companies usually begin with an interest rate of 200-400%. Max Cash Title Loans begins with a much lower rate of around 175%.1

A lot of title loan companies keep a fixed interest rate throughout the entire life of the loan. With Max Cash Title Loans, the rate drops with every single successful monthly payment (all the way down to as low as 32%). Your payments could eventually be 50% lower than when they started!2

Up to 3 Years to Pay Back With No Hidden Fees

Max Cash Title Loans are set with a fixed 3-year term. However, you can always pay off the loan earlier. Also, there are no hidden fees throughout the entire life of the loan. What you see is what you get.

Borrow More at a Discounted Interest Rate

You can potentially borrow more money at the current interest rate of the loan. This works as a new loan but at a discounted payment amount – because you earned it! That means if you have made on-time payments and are currently at the lowest interest rate, you may qualify to get more cash at this low rate!

A Chance to Potentially Increase Your Credit Score

Another excellent benefit of Max Cash is that it can reestablish good credit by increasing your credit score. Other title loans are designed to make it almost impossible to pay back the loan, but Max Cash’s low-interest approach makes paying back the loan a simple and painless process. Simply by providing payments on time, you’ll be able to pay the loan back faster as the interest rate decreases. Then sit back and watch your credit score increase! This is an excellent opportunity because Max Cash Title Loans reports to all major credit bureaus.

No In-Person Vehicle Inspection

Many other title loans require an in-person vehicle inspection. The title loan agent will come out and take different photos inside and outside of your car and even test everything to make sure it works. With Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois, all that is required are a few simple documents including: pictures of your car which you can take with your phone; and pictures of documents such as proof of insurance and a residential address. You can take all of these on your own and simply upload them online.

Get the cash that you need now! Apply here.

Max Cash Title Loans Services All of Illinois

Max Cash Title Loans in Illinois offers the fastest and simplest service of finding title loans in the Land of Lincoln.

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