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Auto title loan on a 2007 Ford Mustang

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Auto title loan on a 2007 Ford Mustang

The 2007 Ford Mustang was a great year for this vehicle, and like a fine wine, it only got better with age. With its V6, 4.0 Liter, 210 Horsepower engine, the 2007 Ford Mustang is still to this day a vehicle that still turns heads as it swiftly drives down the highway. The 2007 Ford Mustang is a vehicle that can easily be approved by most lenders since it has many amazing features that make it so appealing. Features such as a 5 speed manual w/Overdrive, 24 Highway Miles Per Gallon, as well as a sleek aerodynamic look. If an auto title loan is what you seek, the 2007 Ford Mustang is the way to go!

One customer received $3500 on the 2007 Ford Mustang for a car title loan!

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How much can I receive on my 2007 Ford Mustang?

Determining the loan amount has many different factors set in place that are considered prior to making an offer. Not only is the year, make, model taken into accountability, but the trim style plays a role as well. This can dramatically change the value of the vehicle. Another thing that would be worked in to the amount offered would be the customer’s monthly income. This is looked at to make sure that the consumer is not getting themselves in a position to where they are setting themselves up for failure. We are here to help the customer out of a bad position. We are not here to put them into a worse position.  If you would like an idea of how much you can receive as well as a typical payment structure, take a look at the MaxCash auto title loan calculator 

Answers to frequently asked questions about auto title loans:


  1. How often do I make my payments?

Some lenders are bi-weekly, however, with the options that we provide, you would be paying in monthly installments.


  1. Do you do a credit check?

Typically, there would be a credit check. But keep in mind, auto title loans are geared towards people who might not have the best of credit. Running your credit is mostly to check for recent charge-offs, active bankruptcy, as well as building your profile to help you with a better interest rate.


  1. Do I need income to obtain an auto title loan?

As far as income goes, yes, we would require that you prove some form of income to ensure that you can pay the loan back. However, we do realize that not everybody can prove income by a bank statement or a check stub. This is why we allow you to either find a cosigner, or use a letter of employment if you happen to only get paid in cash.

  1. Do I need insurance for the auto title loan?

Most cases do not require that you currently have insurance. If insurance is required, we have options to either help you obtain it prior to the loan, or we can provide an option where you have it worked into the loan.

  1. How quickly can I receive the cash?

The good thing about an auto title loan, is the fact that you are usually funded within a few short hours. There are some cases where the loan could take a day or two extra. But, either way, this is a fast approval/funding process.

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