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Auto Title Loan Process  – Max Cash Title Loans

Auto title loan process can be very easy when you work with Max Cash Title Loans and TMG Loan Processing.

Auto Title Loan Process

Max Cash Title Loans is committed to their superior customer service. We pride themselves in the knowledge they have pertaining to the auto title loan industry. There a few different ways to get the auto title loan completed.

Most of the time when the clients make contact they are a little afraid about the process due to the fact they just do not have enough knowledge about the process and what is about to take place.

The reality is, it is such a simple process with nothing to fear, as you will find out.  In most cases it is as simple as knowing how to use your camera on your smart phone. Now granted this may be difficult for a very small percentage of people but it does happen, and we will go over some options that can be done to assist in this situation.

The first step in the process is initiated by you the consumer, now you have either applied on line or called one of the numbers on our web sites and spoke with an agent regarding your vehicle.  Now in most cases would be expected to do your due diligence with getting info and asking questions about the loan, but the staff at Max Cash Title Loans will help alleviate this as much as possible. This is one of the reasons New Max Cash Title Loans is so successful when it comes to our Consumer Affairs rating, Max Cash Title Loans is almost a 5-star rated company.

The second step to the auto title loan process once contact has been made by either yourself the consumer or by a Max Cash Title Loan agent, is to go over some details about the vehicle, here are some questions that will be asked when speaking with the Max Cash Title Loan agent.

  1. Is the vehicle titled and registered in the same state your trying to get the loan in?
  2. Is the vehicle titled and registered in your name?
  3. Does the title read only your name on it?
  4. Is the vehicles title salvaged or rebuilt?
  5. Do you have the title physically in your possession?

Now the main reason for asking these first series of questions is to allow the agents to assess the situation, it will allow the agent to start making a game plan, on how to best work this loan for you according to your needs, and the situation at hand.

If your vehicle is not titled in the same state you are trying to get the loan out of there is more than likely going to be some additional paper work needed to proceed with the loan. In some cases you will need to go to the MVD to request a title transfer, in most cases there is a fee involved with the MVD for an out of state transfer the fees are never the same and can vary depending on what state the vehicle was purchased in and what state your living in at the time of the transfer.

If the vehicle is not titled in your name and has a different parties name on the title, a few different things will need to happen. The persons on the title if they are not going to be on the loan contract with you, they will need to have the title signed and notarized, so that you can complete the title transfer in to your name. In some instances, customers take the liberty of going and getting the title transfer completed themselves, and the issue is in most cases it takes 4-12 weeks to get the title sent back to you. If this is done before talking to an agent at Max Cash Title Loans, you will more than likely be out of luck getting the loan when you need it since the title is mandatory to have to get the loan.  If the title does not just read only your name on the title but reads OR either party can do what they please with the others consent. If the title reads and or has a forward slash (/) the title is automatically read as and so both persons on the title must consent and be on the loan. If you have a salvaged title please understand this does not disqualify you, it simply devalues the vehicle by about 50% – 75% less of its current black book value.

The next steps are really basic, once contact has been made, and all questions have been answered the agents at New Max Cash Title loans will request the vin number from you to get you a value on the vehicle. They will go over the basics of the loan with you and get you a value if possible, sometimes it’s necessary to send in vehicle pictures ahead of time to get an offer, in most cases this would be for Classic cars on Semi trucks. Once the vin number is collected they will start to generate the actual loan application with you. The application process should only take about 5 minutes to complete. Once this has been completed you will be placed in conference call to have the underwriters go over exact terms and conditions with you to ensure you do want to complete the loan with them. Once the terms and conditions are agreed upon a list of stipulations is sent to you, to have you take pictures of the requested items, they can be sent by text, fax or email. Once all the pictures have been sent in a Max Cash Title loan agent will review the pictures to ensure they are of the highest quality, so that way there are no road blocks along the way while having the pictures verified by underwriting, in some cases this could hold the loan up and we do not want a hold up the faster the better.

Depending on the lender, the final steps will be to sign the contract and get the title either sent off by FedEx or given to a notary that is doing to final inspection, a notary is not always used but in some cases its required to finalize the loan. If a notary is not used 9 out of 10 times the contract will be signed Via DocuSign its an electronic contract that you will E-sign. Once the DocuSign is signed the final step is to take the title to the authorized FedEx location and drop the title off to the FedEx agent, make sure to get a receipt from them you will take a picture of it and send it in to your New Max Cash Title Loan agent so the finds can be requested for release. If you are not a California resident depending on what lender is used the funds will not be issued until the title is received in house at the lenders Headquarters. If a notary is used the funds will be disbursed after the title is collected.