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Max Cash Helps Customers Get Title Loans in La Quinta

High rent. Unpaid bills. Hospital fees. Unexpected expenses. We all experience financial stress at one time or another, and when your poor credit is preventing you from getting a loan, you might feel like the whole world is against you. At Max Cash Title Loans, we know how you feel because we along TMG Loan Processing and network of lenders have helped customers exactly like you all over the United States. Our solution? You could convert your car’s equity into cash with a title loan in La Quinta.

When you qualify, our lenders could sign on to your clear car title as collateral for a $2,600 to $50,000 loan based on your car’s equity value and your ability to make payments on time each month. That doesn’t mean you have to hang up the keys – on the contrary, we allow our customers to keep their car for the duration of the loan term while making regular monthly payments. It’s totally free to start the process and you could get your money as soon as the next business day after you qualify.

Why Choose Max Cash for a Title Loan in La Quinta?

Here’s why Max Cash Title Loans is one of the fastest growing title loan referral services in the industry:

  • Funding is possible the same day you qualify
  • We offer rates that are highly competitive throughout the industry
  • We don’t penalize for early payments, so you could pay off the loan as quickly as you choose
  • We customize payment schedules to accommodate your budget
  • Making your payments on time could result in an improved credit score


All payments are amortized, which means that each payment you make counts towards the principal balance of the loan as well as the interest. Whereas some companies would hit you with large balloon payments at the end of the loan term, we help you pay off the loan gradually on a payment plan designed specifically to fit your needs.

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There are no obligations so you could get a free estimate from one of our title loan agents without having to make any commitments. Just fill out the online form on our secure webpage or call 855-561-5626 to connect with one of our title loan agents. Our agents are ready to assist you 7 days of the week.