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In need of a little cash to tie you over till your next pay check? Max Cash has been helping people put cash in their hands with Title Loans in Palm Springs CA and we have been very successful at it. If you are in need of cash today then this is the one stop spot for you. Thanks to our new VIP Program we are able to take care of our clients in the quickest and most effective manner.

Our VIP Program was designed to distinguish the deference between the people that need their title loan right away, and the ones that need it but are not in a hurry. If you are interested in getting into our free VIP Program you will get access to our VIP phone number and our VIP e-mail. All of these get forwarded to the VP of the company and he will then personally see to that you get funded for your pink slip loans and title loans in Palm Springs CA today.

All we ask out of our VIP clients for title loans in Palm Springs CA is that they have certain documents ready to send over.

  • Title and Registration of the Vehicle
  • Insurance Card and Driver’s License
  • Proof of Income and Proof of Residence
  • 6 References

These documents will need to be submitted in under an hour if you are a part of our VIP treatment.

Once all of these documents are submitted our Loan Processor will hand them off to our Loan Underwriter who will then verify that all of the documents are correct and up to date. They will then shoot back the approval terms of the pink slip loan. The Loan Processor will then go over them with you right away.

After you have accepted the terms it is then time for the Loan Underwriter to contact you and set up a signing location with you so you can pick up your check for your auto title loan.

To start with your title loan in Palm Springs all you need to do is fill out the online application to the left of the screen or go to the top of the page and click on Apply Now!

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