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Title Loans San Jose

Who said getting a San Jose title loan was ever going to be easy? We did! But knowing why we are better will help you make the right decision and avoid a lot of the pitfalls people make when getting a car title loan. We believe the the Title Loans San Jose customers are responsible for making sure they do not get themselves in a bad loan deal but it is also the lender who should go out of their way to make sure the customer has that information to make an informed decision and to put that information out there in a way that the average person would understand.  So please read this before you to any other website or talk to any lender. We may save you from making a really bad decision.

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Consumer Affairs

We are the ONLY INDEPENDENT car title loan processor in the nation to obtain an 4 3/4 star rating by Consumer Affairs (which the more you look into Consumer Affairs the more impressed you will be considering we have zero way to manipulate that rating) or the fact that we have a 5 star rating from Google customers.  Licensed, bonded and regulated by the California Department of Business Oversight. Simply stated, we do everything in our power to provide you the absolute most honest and above board experience you will EVER have with anyone in this industry.  Just take a look at our How It Works page and you will see we have tried to provide you with everything you need and then some!

title loans San Jose

So who says we are experts? Fox Business News, CEO/CFO interview magazine, HowStuffWorks CarStuff, Business Insider and Newswire to name a few. The largest car title loan lenders in the nation work with us… all the big names.

Did you see our home page? That is our staff taken from a security camera. Not actors or some fake picture of happy people with cash. Our staff. The people you will be talking to. Notice the staff is small. Why? Because our lenders have hundreds of people who work for them in big offices. We like to keep it where the people we have here, however few, deal with many MANY customers and over the long time they are here gather experience way beyond doing just one little task in a massive company. Our staff must wear many hats and that makes them deal with many situations. Because we are not the lender, just a broker, we learn all the business procedures of the lenders without the pressure of taking out a loan ourselves. This gives us knowledge that the average person does not have. That information is FREE to you.

car title loans san jose

If you call a lender so you think they will not hound you to get the deal done? If their rates are too high or the payment they present is too high they will not stop calling you until you tell them to stop it.

When you call or text us, we do things at your pace. Want to do it fast… like sameday. sounds good to us… you just need to stay in contact with us a lot that day and get us what we say the lender will need. If you want to do it slow or just want information and not get the loan itself, just tell us.

We get paid by the title lenders, not you, for helping you. Similar to the airport paying the staff at the information booth because it saves their staff time; we are basically the same. Get your information from us, move on or ask us to help you with getting the loan the fastest way possible from a lender we told you about. It’s all in your control.

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So you applied online. Waiting for the call back? Oh the first call may be very fast but then they move on to the next thousand customers in their phone or data queue. YOU need the money now. THEY need to help the lowest hanging fruit. the ones which already have everything ready. So you wait. And Wait. AND WAIT. By the time you are done waiting, your money problem just got much worse. So stop this insanity. YOU are in control here.

Contacting us is no small matter. Once you apply and if for some reason our staff all went outside for a smoke or went to the bathroom does that mean you are powerless? Absolutely not!!!

You can TEXT US at the same number we called you or even text 855 561 5626. Or chat online (see the chat link on this page). You can do it the fastest way and simply call us. Because we are open 7 days a week AND we are here early and late, you are not out of options and surely you do not have to wait for us.

How much can you get


For car title loans San Jose, the lenders we work with  start their loans at $2510 and go up.

If offered a larger amount then what you need NEVER take out more than you could afford to repay. The lenders will want you to keep the loan out for long terms but you are going to incur some hefty interest charges if you do. Let us guide you on how that works. This is a financial crisis time and you may be a little vulnerable right now. You don’t need a lender pushing you. You need to choose your options. Let us help.

How Title Loans San Jose Work:

These loans are for the short term, and put up your vehicle as a kind of collateral for a one time sum of money, the amount of which depends on your car’s total value. You will sign over your auto title to the lender, but don’t worry, your car will remain your car to drive as you please for the duration of the loan. When you’re all paid up, they will send your title right back to you, easy as pie.

Please don’t hesitate to call us any day of the week at 855 561 5626! We would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: Max Cash Title Loans services this area but this map does not represent an actual location