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Customers from Saratoga Love Max Cash Title Loans

Is receiving a car title loan a top priority for you? Maybe you just need an alternative to a traditional loan that uses more than just your credit to help you qualify? At Max Cash Title Loans, we specialize in car title loans for residents of Saratoga so that they can receive from $2,600 to as high as $50,000 even if your credit needs some work because it a good amount of it depends on your ability to make monthly payments to repay the loan, the current street value of your car, and a few other factors rather than solely your credit score.

We along with our brokers TMG Loan Processing and network of lenders will work with you to determine a fair, affordable car title loan amount, make sure you receive a highly competitive rate, and get an affordable repayment plan.

Get started today to see how much you can borrow! It’s absolutely free and there’s no obligation. All it takes is a few moments to get started by filling out our convenient and fast online information request form located on the right of the screen.

Here are a few benefits to working with Max Cash Title Loans:

  • Open 7 days a week with longer business hours
  • Borrow up to $2,600 to $50,000 depending on, but not limited to, your ability to make monthly car title loan payments, and the value in your car
  • Competitive rates throughout the car title loan industry
  • Keep driving your car as you pay off your car title loan
  • Funding as fast as the next business day
  • No prepayment penalties whatsoever
  • Pay off your car title loan on time with regular monthly payments and you could improve your credit rating


In order to calculate a fair car title loan that’s affordable to repay, we first look at how much equity is in your car, then, we work with you regarding your monthly income and how much you wish to borrow. With this, we’re able to tailor your car title loan to your specific needs, including how long you have to make payments on your car title loan.

Here Are Your Available Options to Get started

Here at Max Cash Title Loans we offer 3 free, no obligations ways to get started so no matter the situation you find yourself in there is an option for you.

  • Get Started by Phone: Contact our car title loan agents and get started over the phone. Our toll free number is 855-561-5626.
  • Get Started by Online Information Request: Above the link for live chat on our secure webpage, you may utilize your computer, tablet, or smart device to fill out and turn in an online information request form.


Have the Freedom to Use Your Car Title Loan Which Ever Way You Like

Once you have your money in hand it is now YOUR MONEY and you can do whatever you wish. Go pay some bills, fix your car, or even just go on a much needed vacation; it doesn’t matter because the money is yours. As long as you make on-time monthly payments you are in good graces and can enjoy your car title loan your way.