Can You Get a Title Loan on a Salvage Car Title?

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If you are the owner of a salvaged car, you may have saved a fortune on the purchase. But, more often than not, salvaged cars need a lot of upkeep and repairs. Once a vehicle has been severely damaged in an accident, flooding or fire, it is given a salvage title for being a total loss. This means that the insurance company has deemed the vehicle more expensive to fix than it is worth if the damage exceeded the equity. 

While the extent of the damage will vary depending on the car, you may be able to fix a salvaged car. Once an insurance company has inspected the salvaged car, it can be approved for the road again. The cosmetic damage may be significant, however, and the repairs will be costly! When you need money for repairs, you can get a title loan on a salvage title-yes, it is possible!

A title loan helps you leave your financial worries in the dust!

How Can I Get a Rebuilt Title on My Car?

Once a vehicle has received a salvaged title, many insurance companies will auction off the vehicle in a salvage yard. Once the vehicle is rebuilt, an insurance company will look at it. After inspected and passed, the vehicle can be issued a rebuilt title. A rebuilt car will have equity! This means potential approval for a title loan!

How Can I Qualify to Get a Car Title Loan with a Salvage Car Title?

Title loans are a popular way to get funding, even if you have a bad credit history! Title loans are both short-term and long-term loans. To qualify for this loan, you will need the clean title in your name, and the income to repay the loan. If you have a salvaged car title in your name, lenders could still approve you! 

While other types of loans like credit cards or personal loans will require a good credit score to apply for a loan, this type of loan does not. This is because title loans are secured through collateral, not credit history! The collateral for an auto title loan is the title to your vehicle. Instead of just relying on your credit score for loan approval, a lender will rely on:

  1. Your Ability to Make Timely Monthly Payments
  2. The Value of the Vehicle

How Much Can I Get Through a Title Loan?

Even if your car is a salvage title, many title loan lenders will still let it qualify for a title loan! Your loan amount, interest rate, and approval in the title loan process will depend on the value of the car and income. 

An in-demand vehicle that has been rebuilt may be worth money to title loan companies! To check out what your vehicle with a salvage title could be worth, you could use a title loan calculator to check! If you have any questions about title loans or need additional information, visit the FAQ page.  

A car drives through the Oregoncountryside with a Max Cash Title Loan.

What Will I Need to Apply for a Title Loan?

Like any other loan, there are a few documents you will need in order for a loan agent to determine your eligibility. Title loans have a streamlined approval process that will allow you to submit all of your documents online for your convenience! It takes minutes to do, and a loan agent can walk you through it. Here’s the documents you can expect to submit:

  1. The Title to Your Vehicle: This is the most important document in the car title loan process!
  2. Government or State Issued Photo ID: In order to prove it’s really you and not someone posing as you, a photo ID must be submitted. Your driver’s license or your passport are examples of acceptable identification.
  3. Proof of Residence: If you have been staying at your residence for a period of time, you will need proof! Acceptable examples are recent utility bills, or your rent/ mortgage agreement.
  4. Proof of Income: While you will not need a traditional 9-5 to apply for a title loan, you will need some form of proof of income. Paystubs, bank statements, and retirement benefits are some examples of proof of income.
  5. References May Be Required: Some title loan lenders will ask for a few references in order for you to qualify for a loan. 

How Can I Start the Car Title Loan Process?

Here at Max Cash Title Loans, we strive to make the title loan application process as easy as possible. You won’t need to spend hours searching on the web for the right title loan lender for your financial situation! With our network of thousands of verified car title loan lenders, it has never been easier to get the financial help you need.5 We can connect you to the right lender for you even if you have a salvage car title!4 5 Our loan agents are even available seven days a week to take your call and answer any questions you might have. 
To get started on the car title loan process, simply visit our website and fill out a short form. Or, feel free to give us a call any day of the week at 855-561-5626!