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Unpaid loans are dangerous. In fact, it is dangerous in general to default or even miss a payment on most types of loans. When you have unpaid loans, several things may happen:

  • The loan lender will sue you
  • The loan lender will take money out of your bank account
  • Your loan may cause you to sink further into debt
  • You can fall victim to the unmanageable interest rates and inconvenient terms that usually come with many loans

Most customers first thought after considering an auto title loan is, “What if I can’t pay my title loan”? This is an honest question you should ask when considering any loan. Being honest with yourself is important so you do not get into a situation that you have no control of. Knowing what plan for worse case scenarios for any situation that might come up will relieve the stress you may have and will allow you to make an informed decision when they come up

Relax and take a second to think about the decision you are about to make. Jumping in to a loan without thinking about what is being offer may cause you to take on a payment you cannot afford, lock you into a contract that you now cannot get out of, and possible may have you get you into a situation where your vehicle is repossessed.

  • Be honest with yourself, “Can I really afford my payments, am I willing to lose my vehicle”?
  • Taking on new debt is a big responsibility and although you may be in dire need. You must consider all scenarios because what may help you now, may make things worse later.
  • Don’t rush into anything and if possible try to get any offer in writing so you can look it over before you sign anything.

Why will my car be taken from me if I default on a title loan?

The car repossession when you default on a car title loan happens because you are using your car’s title as collateral for the car title loan. As a result, your car title loan lender could repossess your vehicle if you default on a title loan, which could possibly mean that they will have to enter your property to repossess the car. Once the lender repossesses the vehicle, they usually take it to a place like a tow site.

Still confused? Well let’s look at what a default it is. According to most definitions on a default, it is typically defined as not meeting the full obligations of a deal that had been made. Therefore, if you were to default on a title loan, you should probably be concerned because it means that you are not meeting with the obligations that had been set by the car title loan.

In case you had forgotten what these title loan obligations are, it is your job to be able to pay your car title loan repayments that are typically done through monthly payments. If you begin to miss these monthly due dates, your minor penalties are typically late payment fees, depending on your lender. On the other hand, some lenders might not charge you with late fees, but it is always a good idea to take tabs on how long before your car title loan can be defaulted due to missing payments.

Of course, continuing to miss car title loan payments without speaking to your lender would then result in a default on your title loan.

But with every car title loan, rules on a default could vary on several things:

  • The state that you live in.
  • Policies put forth by your car title loan lender.
  • The printed documentation on your actual car title loan contract that you had signed.

Speaking of lender contracts, we at Max Cash® Title Loans would like to inform you, the borrower, that title loan lenders should notify you about missed payments, especially since most car title loan lenders determine the default on a title loan.

Consequences of Non-Payment of a Title Loan

The absolute final consequence of non-payment on a car title loan is repossession. However, most car title loan lenders would prefer to avoid this last resort for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it is expensive, time consuming, and a hassle for them to go and repossess a car whose title they have a lien on. The car title loan lender could lose money even if they manage to sell the car because they might not make all of their money back at the auction.

If you feel that you are close to finding yourself in a similar situation, it is best that you get a hold of your lender as soon as possible and be honest with them. Peace of mind might be easier to achieve than you originally thought! That said, lenders are often willing to work with borrowers to come to some kind of arrangement that will benefit both you and them. They would rather help you avoid defaulting on a loan and having your car repossessed.

How To Get The Best Possible Auto Title Loan Without The Unpaid Loans

Max Cash Title Loan is a quality broker, which means we can connect you to some best non traditional lenders in the industry.

Getting the best auto title loan is simple and easy. The 3 step process is quick and painless, unlike those pesky registration loans! Here’s how you can get started on changing your life with an auto title loan:

  1. Fill out your information request

To begin your Max Cash auto title loan journey, all you have to do is go online to our homepage and fill out a quick little information request. The whole thing should take about 5 minutes. We will ask you some information about your financial history and your car.

You can always come to our licensed location and fill out your application in person if you would like. After you fill out your info form, you will know if you are approved right away! Don’t waste your time waiting around for unreliable lenders. Max Cash Title Loan is efficient and professional because that’s how our customers like it!

  1. Get approved

Upon your approval, your auto title loan agent will be in contact with you to talk about your free quote. Yup, that’s right, it’s free!

After you and your agent discuss your free quote, you can work together to determine the best payment plan for you using competitive rates and convenient terms. Don’t worry about missing a payment with a title loan custom payment plan. When your monthly installments are spaced out, paying back your auto title loan can be a breeze!

At this time, your auto title loan agent will request a few documents from you. Here are some basics that you will need:

  • Government issued form of photo ID
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence
  • Vehicle title in your name
  • Several photos of your car taken from multiple angles
  1. Get paid

After your lender has received your documentation, they can draw up your auto title loan contract. When you sign your auto title loan contract, your lender will also sign onto your vehicle title as a lien holder for safe keeping. But this is only for the duration of your auto title loan.

There are multiple ways you can get paid your auto title loan money:

  • Electronic deposit
  • Money gram from a Walmart cash center
  • Check
  • Come by our licensed location to get your money from your lender in person

Your successful financial future starts now! Come to Max Cash Title Loans and get started on your auto title loan today!

Call Us To Run Through Your Options!

We are not your lender. We are not going to get you in trouble. What we can do is go over options to get that loan paid off by another lender or even call your current lender and get the one you have right now redone so it works. Don’t be afraid. We help people in this situation effortlessly. Call us at 855-561-5626 and ask the loan processor about refinancing your loan and be honest. If you’re not sure where to begin, or how to find a lender, the customer service representatives at Max Cash Title Loans are standing by to help you get started.