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Most customers first thought after considering an auto title loan is, “What if I can’t pay my title loan”? This is an honest question you should ask when considering any loan. Being honest with yourself is important so you do not get into a situation that you have no control of. Knowing what plan for worse case scenarios for any situation that might come up will relieve the stress you may have and will allow you to make an informed decision when they come up.


First Things First

Relax and take a second to think about the decision you are about to make. Jumping in to a loan without thinking about what is being offer may cause you to take on a payment you cannot afford, lock you into a contract that you now cannot get out of, and possible may have you get you into a situation where your vehicle is repossessed.

  • Be honest with yourself, “Can I really afford my payments, am I willing to lose my vehicle”?
  • Taking on new debt is a big responsibility and although you may be in dire need. You must consider all scenarios because what may help you now, may make things worse later.
  • Don’t rush into anything and if possible try to get any offer in writing so you can look it over before you sign anything.

Call us to run through your options!

We are not your lender. We are not going to get you in trouble. What we can do is go over options to get that loan paid off by another lender or even call your current lender and get the one you have right now redone so it works. Don’t be afraid. We help people in this situation effortlessly. 855-561-5626 and ask the loan processor about refinancing your loan and be honest.



Make a plan on how much you can afford and how long you want to pay it back. Take advantage of any offers that the company you are with has. Some offer no prepayment penalty, so if you are able to pay it off early, you may only be charged for the interest up to that point on the loan. Find out when you make your payments, if it will go towards the loan and the interest rate (this is referred to as an amortized loan).

Try to plan on not taking on any new debts while you have a loan out on your vehicle. If you do have other debts try prioritizing the most important one’s based on the interest rates. If you are able to pay more towards your monthly payment, in most cases this will go towards the actual loan itself.

A handy tool is Microsoft Excel. List your debts and how much the interest rate is on each debt. This way you will know what you pay the minimum on and what to pay off faster.

What are you willing to do to make sure your payments are made if you are stretched too thin one month? Are you willing to take on a second job or sell items? Sometimes it may be as easy as that. Short term jobs like Uber or Lyft offers fast cash. Selling items in your garage that you simply do not need is easy. Even Facebook now has a online resale shop!

Already have a Loan

If you have already finalized a loan with a lender and you realize you are not able to make a payment, Don’t Panic. Most lenders are willing to work with you. It is costly and inconvenient to repossess a vehicle from a customer so, most would rather make an arrangement with them. This not only allows the lender to make money, it allows for a good relationship between customer and the lender – which is the way auto title loans have been leaning towards. Good reputation is everything and no lender wants to be known as the company that takes your vehicle without making every attempt to avoid it.

We cannot stress this enough! A lender will rarely chase down a car because it costs them a lot of money to do that. They would rather make arrangements while things are not looking so good then to take you car. It’s hard, we get it. You have to call and talk with them about this, but you are NOT the first person to get in a jam. For the agent on the phone, you are probably the 10th person that day that called them about the same situation. Don’t be afraid about something they are used to doing all the time.

Consider Refinancing

If you are locked into a contract with a company that you either cannot afford or they are not willing to work with you, consider refinancing with another company. This can have a few benefits, such as lower monthly payments. It may also mean a lower interest rate and possible better terms and/or more time to pay it back. Lenders are competitive and are invite competition usually. What may happen is the new company will offer you a better deal or your current company may try to keep you as a customer and may offer you a reason to stay with them.

At Max Cash Title Loans, we can refer customers to new lenders and have helped many customers refinance a loan they were stuck in and sometimes behind on to help get them back to a more comfortable situation. We are known for providing excellent customer service and strive to help our customer any way possible.

So you have options. Take a breath and think about your best choice. Then act.