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How Much Does a 2004 Dodge Ram Get You with Title Loans?

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How Much Does a 2004 Dodge Ram Get You with Title Loans?

November 15, 2017

Own a 2004 Dodge Ram and want to know how much you can get for an auto title loan on it? We make it simple with showing you each month what people are getting. These are live, real customers who have actually received the money using their 2004 Dodge 2500 for a car title loan. Best part, each person still drives it and all that really happened is the title loan lender put their name on the title as a lien holder until the loan is paid off.

People get it because most people have done this when they first purchased the Dodge 2500.  When they went to the dealership, the Dodge 2500 was financed by a bank. The bank put their name on the title securing their loan until you paid it off and when you did, they removed it. Now you have a vehicle worth something and Ram’s hold their value real well.

One customer got $3559… and that’s just a auto title loan. They didn’t sell it. They still drive it. They just now make payments on the loan.

Auto title loans are high interest and for a lot of good reasons. The risk of having a problem with the customers ability to pay it back is higher than when they purchased it. Car title loan lenders will always make sure you can pay the loan payment by making sure, just like when you got the loan, that you have the ability to repay it. The difference is car title loans are truly an “alternative” form of lending. They may see something that a bank would simply reject yet they still loan the money. Maybe it’s the length of time on the job or not even having a job all together. They may give a pass to the fact that your credit is really messed up bad. Banks won’t. Car title loan lenders will.

What one lender will not do, another one possibly will. That is the main reason to use our company other than it doesn’t cost you anything to do it (they pay us). We know what each lender needs, who will allow verification of things without contacting your family or friends using MODERN technology instead of old fashioned loan processing. We use TMG Loan Processing, the leader in customer care for title loans which gives us an absolute competitive advantage. Some of our lenders even have a 5 day “return” policy in case you change your mind after the fact (Not all lenders do this but we know the ones that will).

You have a title loan out with another company and that interest rate is way too high making your payments insane? Let us find you a car title loan company who will buy that out and save you a ton of money.

So start today by giving us a call or fill out that quick info form on this site. One thing is for certain.. if we can’t get you funded no-one will.



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