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Car Title Loan Calculator

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Car Title Loan Calculator

Ever want to figure out what your payments will be with a title loan? This easy calculator will give you an idea.

Are you looking for an awesome title loan calculator? This one seems to work the best…


First figure out your possible amount by visiting our pages about what people are getting for title loans currently. These are actual loan amounts for the last 30 days and further. Get the closest match to your car and use that number.

Next step is the interest rate. Most interest rates range from 36% to 99%. Some will be higher, but if you use the higher range number in you calculations, you will be happy when you get your title loan and it’s less4. Sometimes, extremely high risk loans will be higher than 99%, so that is possible, but this calculator will not work for them. If you think you have good income, your car is in perfect condition, has low mileage, and you think that you have great credit overall, then choose the lower amount.

Next choose the length of the loan anywhere between 1 and 3 years. This is just so you know what will work for your payments to tell the lender. It will give you an idea. Remember that there is typically no prepayment penalty so the interest will be FAR less if you pay the loan off early. To understand how paying off early could save you thousands, view our How Title Loan Work page.

Your start date is the day you actually get the money and the first payment is typically 1 month from that date.

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