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Title Loan on Your Honda Insight

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Title Loan on Your Honda Insight

February 25, 2019

Title Loan on Your Honda Insight

The Honda Insight is a luxurious, hybrid car. If owners of a Honda Insight are looking for a way to make some money from the equity of their car, a title loan may be a good option to consider. Many people look to title loans because they make funding fast and easy.

The average title loan amount from Max Cash Title Loans for a Honda Insight with 53,200 miles is $3,176.1 2 The chart below shows title loan estimates for both a 2012 and a 2016 model. The chart is a helpful tool to estimate a loan amount for your specific Honda Insight.

YearMakeModelAvg. Mileage Avg. Loan
AverageHondaInsight53,200 $3,176
2012HondaInsight57,400 $3,515
2016HondaInsight49,000 $2,836


As you can see, a newer Honda Insight model does not necessarily mean more funding for the borrower.

The Honda Insight can be compared to the Civic in all the best ways. Insight offers an exceptional smooth, quiet ride. Many drivers cannot get enough of this vehicle.  The Insight’s exterior, especially the 2019 model, stands out while being made to fit a variety of tastes. The 2019 model also goes above expectations on the inside, with thoughtful interior details and a good amount of comfort. Under the hood, different models of the car come with different horsepower capacities giving the driver options. No matter what personalized options a driver chooses, the Insight is still a very powerful hybrid engine. For those who want a car that is exceptionally fun to drive, with elegance and luxury, the Honda Insight is sure to please.

At Max Cash Title Loans, we are a title loan referral service that works as the middleman between borrowers and title loan lenders. We make the title loan process extremely simple and easy. Our partnered lenders are thoroughly screened, taking the guess-work out of title loan lending process. Our services are completely free and we provide excellent customer service.

If you are thinking about acquiring a title loan on your Honda Insight, start with Max Cash Title Loan. We are open seven days a week and offer extended hours. To get started with the title loan inquiry process on your Honda Insight, contact us via phone: (855) 561-5626, via email:, or via the Max Cash Title Loans website.

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