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Title Loan on Your Honda Ridgeline

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Title Loan on Your Honda Ridgeline

February 25, 2019

Title Loan on Your Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is a powerful, unique pickup truck. If owners of a Honda Ridgeline are looking for some extra funding, a title loan may be a good option to tackle that unexpected bill or expense. Title loans are sought out for their flexibility, ease of eligibility, and for their speedy process. They use the equity of the borrower’s vehicle to make funding happen.

The average title loan amount from Max Cash Title Loans for a Honda Ridgeline with 120,975 miles is $6,028.1 2 The chart below has Ridgeline models from years 2008 to 2011 with different mileages. You can use the chart to get a rough title loan estimate for your Honda Ridgeline.

Year MakeModelAvg. MileageAvg. Loan
Average HondaRidgeline120,975$6,028
2008 HondaRidgeline65,944$7,239
2009 HondaRidgeline179,500$4,550
2010 HondaRidgeline108,457$3,504
2011 HondaRidgeline130,000$8,820


From the chart, you can see that mileage for the Ridgeline does not have a huge impact on the value.

The Honda Ridgeline is a truck that stands out from others—in the best possible way. This truck—especially the 2019 model—is a knockout. The exterior looks more polished and fluid when compared to the ridged exterior of most other pickup trucks on the market. On the inside, this vehicle offers tons of room for passengers and cargo. Under the hood, the car comes equipped with a 280 horsepower, V-6 engine. Drivers praise the Ridgeline’s excellent handling that Honda is well known for, not to mention this car offers tons of safety and tech features. For those who want a pickup truck that is unique, powerful, and a triumph for its class, a Honda Ridgeline is a great vehicle pick.

At Max Cash Title Loans, we offer the free service of being the middle-man with the title loan process. Because we are not a direct lender ourselves, we can offer tons of unique advantages with title loans and the entire process that comes with them. We have over a decade of experience in title loan industry and are here to help!5

To begin the inquiry process with Max Cash Title Loans using your Honda Ridgeline, begin by reaching out to us any day of the week, via phone: (855) 561-5626, via email:, or via the Max Cash Title Loans website.2 5 Once you apply, a loan agent will talk to you about eligibility and the next steps! Reach out to us today!

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