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Title Loan on Your Volvo S40

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Title Loan on Your Volvo S40

March 7, 2019

Title Loan on Your Volvo S40

That Volvo S40 is an incredible set of wheels that has the space and the speed that drivers look for. As a subcompact executive vehicle, the Volvo S40 was manufactured across two generations from 1995 to 2012. The quality found in a Volvo S40 could prove useful to owners as they could acquire funds using their vehicles equity.

The average loan amount with Max Cash Title Loans for a Volvo S40 that has 157,224 miles is $3,101.1 2 The chart below shows the average mileage and loan amounts for Volvo S40 models from 2002 to 2011.

YearMakeModelAvg. MileageAvg. Loan

Based on the chart, those who own the Volvo S40 may be able to acquire funding despite high mileage.1

The Volvo S40 model released in August 1995, with the intention of being called the S4. However, as Audi had already reserved the S4 name, Volvo opted to name their new model the S40! The first-generation Volvo S40s were manufactured at the Nedcar factory in the Netherlands (a pre-Ford joint venture between Volvo and Mitsubishi Motors).

The S40 was based on a common platform with the Mitsubishi Carisma and the Proton Waja. The marketing for the model was quite notable, as it launched an advertising campaign for the S40 titled The Mystery of Dalarö, using a documentary style video approached, directed by Spike Jonze.

Although the S40 model was replaced by its successor, the S40 still offers owners easy access to funding with an auto title loan.

If owners of a Volvo S40 are looking for a quick way to obtain emergency money, they should work with Max Cash Title Loans.2 5 Funding could be available within one business day if eligible due to Max Cash Title Loans’ connections with reputable title loan lenders all over the country.5

Volvo S40 owners could experience the great benefits that come from working with Max Cash Title Loans.5 This means great communication and the chance of getting an affordable loan deal.5 Get started on the 5-minute inquiry process by calling today at (855) 561-5626 or shooting an email over to


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