What if My Car Title isn’t in My Name? Can I Still Get a Title Loan?

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The answer is yes to some degree, but that’s because it depends on several factors. For instance, there are several ways that a name might appear in a car title. So, if one’s name does appear, but it has someone else’s name as well, the words between both makes a big difference for the owner of a car title.

Here are the following words that could be between multiple names on a car title:

  • “And”
  • “And/or”
  • Just “or”

Based on these words, if the title says “and/or” or just “or” between the names of the car title, this means that either party can use the car title for a title loan. But if the names have the word “and” between both names, then the title loan must be under both party’s names.

Aside from that, getting a title loan without a name on one’s car title is not possible on its own. That’s because a car title proves the ownership of the vehicle.

But not to worry, as we at Max Cash Title Loans understand through our years of experience in the field. If you need help getting your name on your car title, Max Cash Title loans may be able to assist you though the process1.

How One Can Get a Title Loan, Even With no Name on the Car Title

If one has a car title without their name, then there’s no need to be scared. In fact, this is an issue that many people face, and is quite common. It could sometimes happen when purchasing the car, getting it as a gift from someone, or when receiving the car in another way.

A good tip: Once the car title is given to the owner when the car had been fully paid off, it is always wise to check if the name is there. If this is not the case, then one must undergo a transfer process to get their name on their car title.

By providing a few documents that are required by the owner’s state for the transfer process, getting one’s name on their car title can be hassle-free. However, the transfer of their name on the car title may take up to a month before it goes through.

With that said, if one is ready to transfer the car title into their name, they need to keep in mind that each state has general procedures of transferring a name to the car title. Here is what someone would need to know when considering a transfer of names to their car title.

  • One should notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) first when transferring a car title into their name. They will also be required to provide their name that matches with the records at their offices.
  • A person should visit the state office (or their official website if possible) to update the changes of their name in-person.
  • One will be required to have an acceptable form of identification.
  • One must present the existing car title or car registration during the transfer process.
  • Other documents may be required to prove the name change. These include documents such as one’s marriage certificate, divorce documents or court papers issued in the country.

Once somebody has gotten through this car title transfer process, they may be wondering what the next step is on getting that car title loan. Absolutely nothing. Why?

Because why go through all the trouble of researching and understanding the better rates from direct title loan lenders when they could just use an expert on this stuff.

Sure, it may sound even more expensive to get someone with years of experience on a title loan, but what if we told our prospective borrowers could come to Max Cash Title Loans who could assist them without charging a single dime5?

Max Cash Title Loans Would Love to Help Those Without a Car Title Get a Title Loan!

Here at Max Cash Title Loans, we would be happy to help anyone in need, because that’s the business we aspire to be5. Whether it’s understanding the ins and outs of a title loan or needing a point in the right direction when getting a name on the car’s title, Max Cash Title Loans wants to be the kind, friendly neighbor that has everyone’s back.

We not only offer information and resources in getting a transfer of names on a car title, we also do the heavy lifting of matching customers5 with a title loan that is based on the information shared by them through our convenient online inquiry form.

With our connections and communication skills, we at Max Cash Title Loans want to deliver the best customer service we could possibly give, while also connecting you with any possible lenders that may be right for you based on your financial situation5.

We understand the work and time that could come from transferring one’s name on their car title to get a title loan, but save more time looking for lenders by giving us a call5 or filling our online inquiry form today!