The Negative Perception of Title Loans – An Interview with Max Cash CEO Fred Winchar

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The Negative Perception of Title Loans There is an unfair and negative perception of title loans in our society. For years many have been outspoken against the title loan industry. The claims often suggest that title loan companies are loan sharks who want to take as much money from their customers as they can and… Read More

When you are between a rock and a hard place, it can be frustrating and potentially terrifying when you don’t have the financial support you need. It is a situation most of us hope to avoid but may find ourselves facing at some point or another in our lives. Luckily however, there is an easy… Read More

It is not all that uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you need emergency money in a hurry to cover an unexpected bill or expense. This is when you may start to ponder what financial options are available to you. A car title loan through Max Cash Title Loans could seem like one… Read More

When you are in need of quick emergency money, you might wonder whom you could turn to in order to receive the help you need. Fortunately, there is a solution that could be just the thing that you need, which is a car title loan acquired through the assistance of Max Cash Title Loans.2 5… Read More

When you are in the process of paying off your car, you might by some unfortunate stroke of bad luck get into a financial jam and need a bit of help to get yourself back on your feet again. However, car debt you still have to pay off could end up being a bit of… Read More

When you need a sizable sum of money in a hurry to take care of an unexpected bill or expense, you might not know what options are available to you to get you out of financial hot water. A car title loan may be just the thing you need! You may even keep driving your… Read More

When you need a sizable sum of money in a hurry to take care of an unexpected bill or expense, you might not know what options are available to you to get you out of financial hot water. A car title loan may be just the thing you need! You may even keep driving your… Read More

It is completely understandable to be cautious when providing any type of personal information, whether online or in person. You may be wondering, how is my information kept private when I get a car title loan? Here at Max Cash Title Loans, we know why you would be concerned with giving your personal information to… Read More

Everyone faces an unexpected bill at least once, but what happens when you can’t afford it? You may be considering getting a car title loan. Not all states allow borrowers to cover their emergency expenses with a convenient title loan. This leads many people to wonder if they have to have their car title issued… Read More

Sometimes when you are in the process of paying back a car title loan, there may come a point where you are interested in selling your vehicle despite still having outstanding debt left on the title. Naturally this will raise quite a few questions as things are not as simple as simply receiving money for… Read More

A car title loan is a loan that involves putting down a car’s title as collateral. When looking into car title loans, a potential borrower may have multiple cars and may be wondering if they could get a single title loan based on the combined value of those cars. Unfortunately, due to the laws of… Read More

When taking out a title loan, how old your car is may affect the value. A car title loan involves using your car’s title as collateral for the loan. There are a few factors that help lenders determine how much a car is worth, which include how old the car is. If your car is… Read More

When you are looking for quick funding like title loans, one thing to keep in mind are the possible hidden car title loan fees that may add up along with the actual payments you make for the loan. These could be relatively simple to spot, but it is important to talk to your car title… Read More

The answer is yes to some degree, but that’s because it depends on several factors. For instance, there are several ways that a name might appear in a car title. So, if one’s name does appear, but it has someone else’s name as well, the words between both makes a big difference for the owner… Read More

If you’ve been researching car title loans, you may’ve heard of something called a lien. They are an essential part of the car title loan process. Keep reading to learn some more about how car title loans work. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Max Cash Title Loans. They’re happy to… Read More

Yes! If you get certain types of loans, there is an extremely good chance it can negatively impact credit. When you take out any kind of loan, how you pay back that loan will have something to do with your credit score number. And since different types of loans like signature loans, or payday loans,… Read More

Major loan differences between a title loan and a other types of funding like a signature loan, a payday loan, or a registration loan is that a title loan requires a vehicle title in exchange for funding while a these other types of funding typically do not. But that is certainly not the only loan… Read More

No. A registration loan lender does not have the legal ability to repossess your vehicle should you default on your registration loan or miss a payment. When you get a registration loan, you only present the registration card of your vehicle to the lender so your car cannot be taken away from you if you… Read More

In order to get approved for any kind of funding, the lender must look into your background to some degree. Some lenders dig unnecessarily deep into your personal history and judge you based on your credit score or sometimes your criminal background. If you are thinking about getting a registration loan, you should definitely know… Read More

APR (annual percentage rates). This is the interest rate based on an annual total. Simple to do this. Take an amount and multiply it by this number and you will know the interest you will be paying over the course of the year. EXAMPLE: If you had a 29% interest rate and you borrowed $5000,… Read More

Max Cash Title Loans and TMG Loan Processing is owned by Tradition Media Group, based out of Tempe AZ. Your contact options: CALL US: 480-405-8877 or 855-561-5626 TEXT US: Loan Processors text numbers: 480-498-3950 480-405-6353 480-498-3131 480-498-3335 480-494-8530 602-476-2436 Management: 480-498-3337 480-498-3940 CHAT ONLINE DIRECTLY WITH A LOAN PROCESSOR: Click here to start the chat… Read More

This question is asked about 20 times a day. Believe it or not, some title loan lenders actually compete for this business. So first the direct answer: It is going to depend on your state. In Illinois you won’t be able to do it legally. You CAN get more money on your loan if you… Read More