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Contest update

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Contest update

February 6, 2017


Good news… bad news…

The entries have skyrocketed and many people are taking advantage of the fact that you can enter once per day. Because of this, some very smart people have done this and the count for entries is now up to 194! So that’s the good news.

The bad news is that 20 entries were disallowed. The rules (actually the very first one) states: Take an original photo of a local landmark in your hometown OR a picture of where cash is (like a wallet, piggy bank, ect).”  The 20 entries was already found on the internet and they did not take the photo. So those photos have been blocked and the real adjusted entries is now 174 which is still good as we can see!

Although the quality of the photo is not important because the 6 winners will be randomly picked by computer and not by human, many people have submitted some spectacular pictures.

Don’t forget that we are going to post the photos in posts and if the picture is a business, we are going to provide a link to their website. This will help a great deal with promoting local business way past this contest. So if you own a business or you have a friend that has one… take a photo and tell us about it and help your friend with some additional customers!

Keep them coming. Contest is still on!


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