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Emergencies happen, and most of the time, they’re costly. It is incredibly frustrating to be denied by potential lenders when in need of quick funding. Traditional lenders reject applicants all the time for not meaning their criteria. So you try to go the nontraditional route and get a title loan. Title loans have a high approval rate, but what happens if you don’t qualify for a title loan?

The first thing you want to figure out is why. Car title loans have a high approval rate, so there is an explanation for why you do not qualify for one. Once you figure out what’s stopping you from qualifying for a car title loan, you can take the necessary measures to fix the situation, so you may be able to get your funds. Let Max Cash Title Loans help walk you through the approval process today!

Some of the Causes that May Disqualify You for a Title Loan

What are some things that may disqualify you for a title loan? Take a look:

Not Enough Equity in the Vehicle

You may not want to use the vehicle you drive every day for a title loan; there is too much risk. So you try to use your paid-off 1990 Ford Focus with 200,000 miles that sat in your garage for the last decade. Unfortunately, a vehicle like that doesn’t have enough equity for a secured title loan. You will need a car with enough value that a percentage of the Black Book value is enough to be used as collateral for your title loan. The Black Book value is the wholesale or auction value of a car. Black Book references pricing data from wholesale auctions and vehicle transactions from across the nation. 

Your Credit Score was too Low

While you are using your vehicle as collateral, lenders still want to ensure you’re good at managing money. Factors like your payment history and the amount owed are heavily weighed on your credit score. Borrowers with a poor credit history may still qualify for a car title loan, however.5

Your Income was Insufficient or Unstable

Proof of income is crucial for a title loan. You need to show the lenders that you can pay back the loan. Essentially, they want to make sure you can afford your monthly payments. If lenders decide your income is inadequate for the high-interest rate loan or if it appears your income is inconsistent from month to month — the lender might reject your application.

You Didn’t Meet the Basic Requirements

You may not have the required documents the title loan lender requires. Every lender sets their requirements, but most look for a few essential criteria, such as,

  1. You meet the minimum age requirement (typically 18).
  2. You’re a U.S. citizen or qualifying resident.
  3. You have a valid bank account (there are exceptions to this criteria).
  4. Your name is the only one listed on the vehicle title. If not, there is an “or” separating your names, or the other person is on loan as a consigner.

Your Title is in a Different State

Title loans have to be made in the state where your title is in. Surprisingly enough, not every state allows title loans, so to follow each state’s guidelines, the title must be registered in the state where you get your title loan.

You’re Working With The Wrong Lender

Different lenders have various lending conditions; try prequalifying with other lenders. That’s where Max Cash Title Loans come in hand. Max Cash is a broker that’s connected to multiple lenders. Our skilled agents work seven days a week to find the best lender for you!

Other Long-Term Strategies to Increase Approval Odds

Once you’ve determined why your loan application did not qualify, you can take measures to improve your probability for next time. Here are some methods that could help:

Apply with a Cosigner 

Having a cosigner with a fair-to-excellent credit score can decrease your chances of being denied a title loan and help you ensure a better interest rate. Ask someone you trust that you need to get a loan, and you will make sure to make it on time so their credit score doesn’t suffer. 

Increase Your Income 

While increasing your income isn’t the easiest thing to do, it may help your chances of qualifying. More revenue can result in a lower Debt to Income ratio, which means you’re more likely to meet lenders’ minimum DTI requirement. Consider picking up a side hustle or maybe even a second job. 

Prequalify with Several Lenders with Max Cash!

Max Cash allows you to prequalify with multiple lenders without impacting your credit score. Since every lender sets their borrowing standards, prequalification is convenient to evaluate your likelihood of being approved for a title loan without putting your credit score on the line. It’s worth trying, however, that getting approved during the prequalification process doesn’t indicate you’ll get a loan.5 It’s not a promise, but it is helpful to calculate your options and compare rates from lenders.

Apply for a Title Loan through Max Cash Title Loans Today

If any of these circumstances apply to you, there may still be a possibility to get yourself the funds you need. It would help if you worked closely with a reputable broker like Max Cash to assist you through the process. All you need to do to get started is fill out this simple online inquiry form!