I Don’t Want a Vehicle Inspection; Can I Still Get a Title Loan?

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The answer is a little more than a simple yes or no, since it depends on who you go to for the title loan, and if the lender requires an in-person vehicle inspection. The reason for this is because many car title loan lenders want to see the value of the car, and usually have it as one of their requirements.

That’s because the value of a title loan depends on several things based on the vehicle being used for the loan:

  • Vehicle condition- If a car suffers from extensive wear-and-tear or damage from a previous accident, a lender may use a vehicle inspection to investigate the interior or exterior condition of the car.
  • Add-ons- Things like a new spoiler or any updates to the car’s interior or exterior design may increase the value of the car, which is what lenders may also look for during a vehicle inspection.
  • Mileage- Checking the odometer, a lender may use the vehicle inspection to see how many miles the car has gone through. Typically, the more miles that the vehicle has clocked in, the less value it has, which means less funding on the loan.

However, there may be times where someone may not want to have an in-person vehicle inspection to get a car title loan. This could be because..

  • No time in their schedule for a vehicle inspection.
  • Not wanting to waste gas and travel for the vehicle inspection if they are required to go somewhere for it.
  • Not wanting someone to come to their home for a vehicle inspection.

But is there another way of getting a car title loan without an in-person vehicle inspection? The answer is going with a lender that has the option for an online title loan or a virtual vehicle inspection.

An Online Title Loan Typically Doesn’t Require an In-Person Vehicle Inspection

When someone prefers a more convenient way of getting a title loan without the need of an in-person vehicle inspection, than an online title loan is usually the answer. That’s because an online car title does not do the typical vehicle inspection that is usually the responsibility of the lender.

Most commonly, there will be a section in the online application where one must outline standard information on their car. This includes things like-

  • The vehicle’s odometer reading.
  • Vehicle photos that include the front, back, and sides of one’s car.
  • Any information regarding the car’s history.
  • Any additions that had been added to the vehicle.

Ensuring all the information is relevant and 100% accurate is just as important. Any signs of lying or not giving the proper information on one’s car in an online title loan inquiry could mean not getting the title loan at all.

Although it sounds easy at first, getting a completely online title loan is slightly different from the process that is usually in-person. There are several documents that a prospective borrower may have to send out over email or even from a mobile device to the lender.

But when figuring out what lenders to choose from and what they offer in terms of the kind of vehicle inspection, one should always see what they prefer given their situation. However, this is not a problem with the guiding hand one could expect from Max Cash Title Loans

How Max Cash Title Loans Wants to Guide Someone to a Title Loan Without a Vehicle Inspection.

With Max Cash, it all comes down to us, because we are not just a business: We are one human being helping another!

At Max Cash Title Loans, we simply want any prospective borrower to fill out the online form on our website to begin. This form will tell us two things: One, it will identify some basic information on the would-be borrower, as well as how to contact them. Two, it will inform us about the vehicle’s information and condition.

We then use a couple programs to figure out the value of the vehicle, such as Kelly Blue Book. The rest of the job that one would have been doing on searching for a title loan would then goes to us, as we look through our connections and see the one that could be right for them5!

Max Cash Title Loans then informs the borrower and the lender of the inquiry and stay in contact with our customer until they have either told us that they no longer need the loan or that they have been given the loan and are happy with the results1!

Here at Max Cash Title Loans, we want to provide our customers with information on a vehicle inspection, as well as take the load of work that comes with finding a title loan. Here are the other advantages that we are proud to provide for anyone that comes to us for title loan help:

  • Dedicated customer service: We have representatives who will treat every customer like family and do their best with years of experience to answer any title loan-related question that comes to mind!
  • Online accessibility: With our online inquiry form, we hope that each of our customers can find it easy and simple to understand, as well as provide information that could help us guide them to some title loans lenders.
  • Free help: Did we mention that any customer service help one gets from over the phone is free of charge? That’s right! Ask as many questions as possible, and we don’t charge a dime for the information that we provide!

We do our best to be that neighbor and friend that everyone wants when it comes to getting a title loan. When ready, check out our online inquiry form and see what we can do to help you today5!