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Acquiring a title loan allows people to quickly acquire the emergency money they need, no matter what type of financial crisis they may be facing.

Car title loans are a popular type of loan due to the type of collateral, and the high approval rate. Unlike traditional bank loans, car title loans are popular because lots of the borrowers own vehicles.

But finding the right type of lender to work with can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s why Max Cash Title Loans offers to find reputable lenders for our clients1. We offer people the ability to receive the money they need quickly and easily5.

For a more in-depth look at the Max Cash title loan process, keep reading below.

What Is A Title Loan?

Car title loans are considered to be a type of secured loan. The borrower’s car title is given to the lender to be used as collateral.

Title loans are typically considered to be low risk. This allows lenders to offer greater benefits when compared to other types of unsecured loans. Borrowers may be able to receive higher loan values, longer duration periods, and better terms with a car title loan.

When it comes to qualifying for a title loan, lenders typically look at the value of the car and the inquirer’s income. Credit scores aren’t necessarily an important factor when it comes to title loans. This is because the car title acts as insurance for the lender.

If a borrower fails to make payments and defaults on their loan, their car will be repossessed. If no effort is made to retrieve the vehicle, then the car will be sold. This ensures that a lender receives their money back.

Car title loan processes are relatively easy, because eligibility is easily determined, and so money can be distributed faster. So, if someone needs emergency money quickly, car title loans are one of the better options.

There are benefits to acquiring a car title loan, just as there are disadvantages. Only the individual can determine if a car title loan is beneficial to their own financial situation.

How a Car Is Valued

When determining the value of a car, lenders will look at a couple different features. The value is determined by the make, model, year, mileage, and condition. If the car has any dents, scratches, or any other imperfections, the overall value can be reduced.

If the car has had any modifications or features added to it, the value may be diminished, or the car may be ineligible for a title loan. The reason for this, is because a repossessed car may need to be sold. Modifications are a specified interest. Most buyers aren’t going to want a car with a designed hood or creative molding.

But don’t be discouraged just yet! If a title loan inquirer is in possession of a modified car, they should let a Max Cash Title Loans agent know right away. We may be able to determine if the car is still eligible for a car title loan.

Max Cash Title Loans Advantage

Max Cash Title Loans has made the process of acquiring a reasonable loan easier than ever. Normally, people in need of emergency financial money would spend hours researching lenders and calling them for a quote.

But Max Cash Title Loans does all the work for the client! We are a free loan processing company that helps connect our clients to lenders, and help them acquire loans1.

Max Cash Title Loans has connections to various lenders located throughout the United States. We give them a ring and ask what they can provide our clients. Plus, we know what kind of hard-hitting questions to ask and haggle them for better terms.

The loan offers we are able to secure our clients have vastly different terms than if a client chose to acquire a loan on their own1. Max Cash Title Loans has a reputation for helping lenders acquire quality clientele, so in turn they work with us to provide affordable loans.

Title Loan Process

Max Cash Title Loans has made the process of acquiring an affordable loan easier than ever. Take a look at the Max Cash process below and see just how different we are.

  1. Client Inquiry

In order to get started with free personalized loan assistance, a client must first complete the online questionnaire. The questionnaire is short and takes about 5 minutes to complete5. We ask for contact information, vehicle information, and monthly income.

  1. Initial Call

After receiving a client’s information, we immediately look it over. We work extended hours seven days a week! This means that we pre-approve same day5! Using our financial experience, we let a client know if they have a good chance of securing a loan. Sometimes, we may even have a list of compatible lenders that same day.

  1. Research and Phone Calls

After contacting the client, we begin calling several lenders and asking what they can do for us. We negotiate with them to obtain reasonable loan offers on behalf of the client1.

  1. Loan Offers

After calling lenders, we call the client about any loan offers we may have secured. The client will then decide if they would like to move forward and acquire a car title loan.

  1. Final Steps

Once a loan offer is accepted, we connect the client to the lender so that they may finish the process directly.

And that’s how we help clients receive a title loan1. Easy peasy! Acquiring a title loan doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Let Max Cash Title Loans help, we provide free services and no obligation1!