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Car title loans can make it possible to get emergency cash for those who have less than perfect credit history. Not sure whether these loans are right for you? Keep reading for how they can help when you need emergency cash. 

When looking for car title loan lenders, start with the experts at Max Cash® Title Loans! We are the #1 nationwide online title loan marketplace. Instead of being a title loan lender ourselves, we work hard to connect people with auto title loans!5 Because of the way that we operate we could offer tons of benefits with the process. 

Keep reading below for more information on Max Cash Title Loans and on title loans in general when you need emergency cash. Get the cash you need and keep driving your car!1

An auto title loan can get you cash fast! title loans fast cash, fast cash title loans

Why Title Loans Can Work Well for Emergency Cash When You Need to Borrow Money 

There are a few attributes that make car title loans ideal when you need to borrow money to get fast cash: 

  • Potential approval even with a poor credit score1
  • Get approved funds in as little as 24 hours.1 2 5
  • An online application process can be done from the comfort of home. No appointments are necessary. Apply online!
  • Loan amounts can vary from a few hundred up to a few thousand dollars.1 Making these loans work for small or large expenses. The amount of money possible will be dependent on the value of your vehicle, income, and your ability to repay the loan. 

Advantages of Car Title Loans over other Bad Credit Lending, Installment Loans or Payday Loans? 

When looking for car title loans or other emergency loans, you may come across other options. Payday loans are definitely an option that may come across when looking for auto title loan loans, or other cash loans. 

Payday loans offer tons of flexibility and can make funding happen fairly quickly. However, these are short-term loans that can come with all kinds of additional fees. 

Another option that may be available to you if you are a homeowner, is a home equity loan. However, keep in mind that your home will be on the line and that these loans have a lengthy process. 

While personal loans and credit cards, and other unsecured loans or traditional loans may only be available for good credit scores. 

What Kinds of Financial Emergencies Can Title Loans Work For? 

Not sure whether an auto title loan can help you with your emergency? Here are a few examples of how the emergency money from a title loan can be used:  

  • Medical Expenses or Medical Bills — medical bills for you or a or loved one can happen and mean a huge, unexpected expense. A title loan can help relieve the burden that comes with medical expenses.
  • Paying off Debt — use your loan to pay off higher-interest debt. 
  • Refinance an Existing Loan—refinancing involves using a new loan in order to pay off an existing loan. This will ideally mean that the borrower gets flexible monthly payments, and lower interest rates.
  • Veterinary Bills — veterinary bills can also come up unexpectedly especially with an indoor/outdoor pet. Title loan funds can help pay for that cost. 
  • Home Repair — homeowners know that having a house of their own can mean emergencies. Title loans can be used for all kinds of home repair, cosmetics, and functional. 
  • Car Repair — vehicle maintenance can cost a lot depending on your vehicle. And if you are in an accident, or have an old vehicle, repairing your car quickly may be necessary. 
  • Everyday Personal Expenses — from groceries, insurance, and even transportation needs– title loans can help you pay for your everyday expenses. 
  • Emergency Travel—need to fly or drive due to an emergency? A title loan can help you get that flight ticket or pay for a rental vehicle and gas. 
  • Recovery after a Natural Disaster — natural disasters can be devastating and if you need financial help in as little as 24 business days a title loan could fulfill those needs.
  • Dental Expenses — title loan funds can be used for things like surgeries, dental implants, braces, or Invisalign. 
  • Vision Care— whether you are a contact person or glasses, car title loan funding can be used to pay for those important vision care. 
  • Bank Fees/Overdraft Fees— bank accounts can mean fees from time to time. And if you find yourself facing those charges but don’t have the funs a title loan could help prevent additional financial charges. 

What Documents Do I Need When Applying for an Auto Title Loans? 

After filling out a title loan application, you will need to submit a few documents so a lender can determine eligibility: 

  • State-issued photo ID (a driver’s license, passport, etc.) 
  • Proof of income 
  • The vehicle title (lien-free preferred) 
  • Proof of residency 
  • Several pictures of the vehicle 
  • Insurance information 
  • 3 References 

Why Work with Max Cash Title Loans for Emergency Cash? 

Because of the way that we work and the lenders that we work with, could mean tons of benefits. Here are a few stand out ones: 

  • Low monthly payments — the loan payments will be low, and we can give you a rundown of all the associated costs.4 
  • Competitive interest rates — the interest rates are highly competitive when compared to other title loans, or high-interest lending.4 
  • A hassle-free online title loan application— everything about the application process can be done from the comfort of home. Either online or through the phone. 
  • A fast approval process — filling out a request form only takes about 5 minutes and finding out approval with a lender can take up to an hour. Once approved the funds can be made available. 
  • No prepayment penalties— you can pay off your loan early without any fees or penalties.3  
  • No hidden fees with repayment— all the payments and conditions will be present clearly in the loan agreement, and so there are no hidden fees.3
  • Friendly loan agents — all of our loan agents are here to help you with any questions or concerns. 
  • We are here 7 days a week— our team knows that emergencies can happen any day of the week! That is why we are open 7 days a week and on many holidays. 

Apply for Emergency Cash with Car Title Loans Right Away! 

When you need money emergency cash with car title loans could be the perfect option, especially if you have bad credit. 

Title loan funds can be used for all kinds of emergencies and the application process is fast. 

And Max Cash Title Loans is the best place to start for emergency cash.2 To get things started, simply head to our website, and fill out an online application or give us a call at (855) 561-5626.

Get started with the emergency cash that you need!