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Have you found yourself in need of emergency cash during a job loss, but are having difficulty finding it? A title loan might be a good option for emergency cash after a job loss. Max Cash Title Loans is one of the premier resources for finding an auto title creditor. 5

We want to provide you with financial assistance to get you back on your feet and have the tools that will help you reach financial security. 2 5 To begin, use our web portal to apply for an online title loan. To know more about how car title loans, or auto title loans, might be a good option for emergency cash during a job loss, continue reading.

Apply for Unemployment Benefits for Emergency Cash During a Job Loss

If you are out of work, one of the first steps should be filing for unemployment benefits. And even in case you have not entirely lost your job (i.e., a layoff) but have noticed your hours considerably reduced, it is still possible to qualify.

The program typically pays half of what folks were usually made in their tasks, for an average of 26 weeks, although the system for states may differ. Weekly payouts as of April 2020 averaged to about $473 nationally (which includes the district of Columbia) and ranged from as low as $235 in Mississippi to $823 in Massachusetts. A lot of people with dependents are also frequently qualified for a greater amount.

However, those weekly payouts could soon grow, as if the duration of benefits, due to the Coronavirus aid crisis relief bill supplied by the federal government. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARE) Act, signed into law on March 27, offers people an extra $600 in their weekly checks. Meanwhile, some states with more rigorous plans than others, such as Kansas and Michigan, have increased the length of benefits.

When Should I Apply?

Applying immediately can help ensure that you receive your check as soon as possible. With thousands of employees applying for claims all at the same time, it has been a challenge for states to administer and process claims. In the worst of cases, states like New York and Oregon have had Unemployment Insurance sites crash amid unprecedented traffic levels. Workers typically can expect to see their unemployment checks within two to three weeks, much like the stimulus checks/stimulus package. At the moment, however, it may be somewhat longer.

The system also has what is known as awaiting week” distinct from the overall processing period, where individuals are not able to claim pay through the program. Some nations are waiving those intervals, such as New York and Florida.

Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits

To now be eligible for unemployment benefits, you cannot have been fired from your new job for gross misconduct or stop with no “good cause.” now, however, side hustle market employees — such as uber drivers or Instacart delivery persons — are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits, and people may apply for UI if they voluntarily quit their job because of fear of being vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic. Some states also have already removed work-search requirements.

Use Emergency or Retirement Savings After a Job Loss

There’s a tried-and-true bit of financial wisdom: folks should keep a cushion of three to six months’ worth of expenses. That way, if they confront an unexpected cost or financial crisis, they will be better equipped to whether it without needing to borrow extra money.

If you are lucky enough to be in a financial situation that allows for a rainy-day fund, now’s the time to use it and put it toward any invoices you’ve got forthcoming. But that may be tough for some residents in the United States, who have been residing paycheck-to-paycheck before the outbreak started. Even if you don’t have enough to sustain you for very long, every little will count.

Cut Back on Costs

After tapping into your emergency savings account or retirement account, your next step should be looking over your monthly expenses and finding ways to reduce non-essential expenses. You’ll have to keep paying nondiscretionary bills like rent, utilities, and supermarkets, but other additional living expenses that aren’t critical for you or a family member’s survival — from online subscriptions to entertainment and meals away from home — may need to take a breather during a spell of unemployment.

Apply for a Title Loan for Emergency Cash During a Job Loss

Auto title loans are secured loans that put a lien on your vehicle title as you pay back the loan. Your loan amount is set by the ability you need to pay your loan back along with the value of your car or vehicle. It’s essential to not forget that these are short term loans for short term needs.

Luckily, your vehicle title is a form of security for an auto title loan. In case you have bad credit, perhaps it doesn’t dissuade your loan eligibility. A lender may conduct a credit check to review your credit score and determine if you’re now anywhere in the bankruptcy process as it can influence your collateral.

Requirements to Apply for a Title Loan

When it comes time to get ready to apply for an auto title loan, you’ll have to have some files and things available to upload online. To help determine your loan eligibility, you need to meet these qualifications and have some records:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Proof of monthly income
  • Government-issued photo id
  • Social security card (or a document with your social security number)
  • A few private and/or professional references
  • Own a car that is entirely (or almost) paid off
  • Clean and free title for your car or truck
  • Current vehicle insurance

Applying with Max Cash Title Loans

Max Cash Title Loans has a loan process that is easy, secure, and fast. That way, you can get the emergency cash assistance you require. 2 5

The entire application process is meant to be complete on the same or once the next business day! Here’s what you will need to do:

Complete and submit an online application form

After submitting this application, you may hear from one of our loan representatives to allow you to know if you’ve got pre-approval.

If you’re a strong candidate for an auto title loan, we’ll help you find a personal finance lender. 5 We have connections with some best title loan companies, we’ll get the ideal match for you! 4 5

Get approval 1 2

When you receive approval for an auto title loan, you and your lender will talk about personal loan provisions.

During the approval process, you will learn your loan length, amount, rate of interest, and your monthly payment program. 4

Next, you will sign your loan agreement.

Get your fast cash 1 2

Once you sign your loan agreement, all that is left to do is get your money! 1 2

If you prefer to stay home, you have the choice to have the cash securely deposited into your bank account. 1 2

This means you could complete the process on the same day you apply or the following business day. 1 2

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Max Cash Title Loans wants to help you get emergency cash during a job loss. 2 5

We can help clients locate the online title loans that they need, without needing a vehicle inspection. 5 What are you waiting for? Contact us today to apply for an online title loan on our website and get enough money to help you get through today! 2 5