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Need emergency cash to pay for a winter car tune-up? You are not alone. As the winter months arrive, many vehicle owners are preparing to protect their cars and passengers from the elements. Snow, sleet and ice from cold weather can all damage your vehicle during the winter months. As a vehicle owner, it is imperative to prepare yourself and your car for the weather, as it can help save you money down the line. Winter weather can be costly to your vehicle, especially if you have not prepped for it ahead of time and your vehicle suffers corrosion damage from the elements.

If you don’t have the cash to front the precaution costs of preparing your vehicle for a winter car tune-up, there are still ways to get the emergency cash you need! As a vehicle owner, you may want to consider your loan options before winter hits. With Max Cash Title Loans, you can get connected to the right loan for your financial situation.5 This can help you fund your winter car tune-up and prepare for the cold weather! Applying for an online title loan can take just a few minutes. 

To learn more about the necessities for your car in winter weather and your funding options, keep reading below. 

What Should Be in Your Winter Car Emergency Kit?

The last thing you need in the winter months is for your car to break down. If you spend the time to winter proof your car to prevent a breakdown or accident, it could save you a lot of time! Your survival kit should cover a lot of different items:

  1. Cell Phone and Charger: If you need to call for help during an accident, a dead cell phone won’t help! Be sure to keep a charger in your car just in case as well.
  1. Ice Scraper: Invest in a good ice scraper! If your windshield or wipers freeze, it can be a pain to use a cheap one to cut off the ice or snow.
  1. Jumper Cables and Spark Plugs: If your vehicle dies during a storm, these can be a lifesaver. Invest in good quality ones and be sure to watch a few tutorials or read the owner’s manual ahead of time. Whether you are making a road trip or you just want peace of mind, jumper cables can be a necessity.
  1. De-Icer and Defroster: These sprays can be found at almost any auto store or grocery store and are a must for the cold winter months. If your windshield has ice or frost on it, simply spray either of these or wipe off!
  1. Spare Tire: If a blowout happens or an accident, these can help replace your broken or damaged tire. Be sure to keep these in your trunk just in case. You may want to brush up on your knowledge of tire changing before winter hits, as it can be hard to do that on the go if you do end up with a tire that needs to be changed out! There are many helpful YouTube videos that could teach you if you do not know already.

A Few Uncommon Items to Include

  1. Kitty Litter: While this may seem strange, kitty litter can help make traction if you are stuck in a snowbank. By placing kitty litter on the ground, it can help your car get out of a tight spot. 
  1. First Aid Kit: If you are injured in a winter accident, a first aid kit could help save your life! Be sure to keep gauze, band aids, antiseptic, and other useful items in it.
  1. Extra Batteries and a Flashlight: If you need to do any maintenance at night or it’s an emergency, these can be a must for your emergency survival kit for the winter months.
  1. Non-perishable Food: While this may not seem like a necessity, you may get stuck in a snowstorm and need food to wait it out!
  1. Tire Chains: Snow tire chains can be put over your winter tires to give your vehicle more traction in the snow!
  1. Snow shovel: This is a must if you drive anywhere in the winter months and snow locks your car in a parking space.

The Amount of Emergency Cash to Pay for a Winter Car Tune-Up?

A guy hugging his car

If you know your vehicle will be due for a tune-up, it’s better to do it before the winter months hit. Cold weather can make the issues worse, such as idling and hard starts. Be sure to check your owner’s manual and keep a look out for any issues, or just take it to a mechanic for a checkup!

Before the winter months hit, you should invest in these tune-ups:

  • Oil Change: Yes, this seems like a given. But your oil should be changed before the winter months hit!
  • Change All the Fluids: There are six different fluids in your vehicle that should be changed. These are brake system fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, washer fluid, and suspension differential fluid. While you may not know what these are, your mechanic will if you take it in! Routine changes can help prevent future problems with your car. Some of them can even be done yourself!
  • Make sure your Windshield Wiper Works: If your windshield wiper malfunctions during a snowstorm when the cold weather hits, it could seriously injure you and your vehicle. Be sure to check that your windshield wipers are working properly, and if not, replace them immediately!
  • Check Your Tire Pressure: Low tires can also be dangerous during the cold weather.

Preparing for Winter Driving and Your Car Emergency Kit 

The first thing you should do before the winter months hit is to have collision insurance. Cold weather like sleet, snow, and ice can change your driving experience, and others! There may be new motorists on the road who have not experienced a winter yet and may make mistakes. 

Having collision insurance can ensure your safety, as well as keep you out of any financial trouble. If you hit a vehicle without insurance or if a vehicle without insurance hits your car, it can be disastrous! Be sure to take the right steps and prepare for winter driving by having a stocked survival kit and collision insurance.

How Can Max Cash Title Loans Help Me Get Emergency Cash to Pay for a Winter Car Tune-Up? 

If you need extra assistance to make sure your car is repaired and safe for winter months, Max Cash Title Loans may be able to help. By connecting you to the best lenders across the nation, you can receive the financial help you’ve been searching for to keep you and your passengers safe! 5

Getting connected to a title loan is easy and hassle-free. Simply fill out a short loan inquiry online, and input your information. It can take just minutes to do, and most borrowers receive their funds in as little as one business day! 1 2 5 If you want to get the emergency cash you need to keep your vehicle safe this winter, Max Cash Title Loans may be able to help! You won’t need to worry about your car, as you can keep driving it while you pay off your title loan in a timely manner! Inquire about an online title loan for your Winter Car Tune-Up today!