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Dental care is an important part of being and staying healthy, but it can also be expensive. Depending on the procedure you are looking at, you could be facing up to thousands of dollars. If you are looking for emergency cash to pay for dental expenses, the great thing is that there are many resources are out there to get the funds you need. Below you’ll find all the information you’ll need on emergency cash to pay for dental expenses.

Dental Insurance or Health Insurance to Pay for Emergency Cash

If you have dental or health insurance coverage, this should be the first place to begin if you are looking to get the emergency cash you need.

With dental coverage, your insurance plan should take on the majority of expenses, although that will depend on the kind of coverage. Keep in mind that there may be a deductible you’ll have to pay.

Additionally, if you are covered by health insurance, double check to see if it includes any dental benefits. Without dental benefits, your health insurance may be able to cover a portion of dental work. This is especially true if you are seeking dental procedures because of a larger or independent injury from just regular dental work. Your dental office should be able to contact your insurance company for you, or you can always do it yourself.

Ask About Payment Plans/ In House Financing with Your Dental Office

Another option to consider is talking to your dental office about a potential payment plan or financing options.

Many dental offices will try to accommodate the monthly payment that an individual feels comfortable paying.

For regular dental work, you may have to talk to them before the procedure. For urgent care, they will try to accommodate afterward. In most scenarios, these repayment options don’t have interest with them, and won’t be a part of your credit report (unless you do not make those minimum payments), and so, maybe a great option for those who are looking for a way to finance their dental expenses. Keep in mind that they may ask for small down payment upfront.

  • CareCredit CareCredit is a medical credit card/financing service that many institutions may accept even for dental financing. Because these credit cards can only be used for medical expenses (including dental treatment), they can come with more flexibility and lower interest rates than your everyday credit card (the first six months are free, and then interest is added afterward).

Look into a Loan to Get Emergency Cash to Pay for Dental Expenses

You could also look into a loan to get cash to pay for your dental expenses. Here are a few loan types to look into:

  • Personal Loans: Personal loans can be used for all kinds of expenses. They can be found at your bank, credit union, or private lenders. In general, having a good credit score is significant for eligibility. Monthly payments and loan amounts can vary, so you should shop around to find the best one for your needs.
  • Title Loans: Title loans use the borrower’s vehicle to make funding available. Having bad credit when applying for these loans is okay! This is because instead of focusing on your credit history, lenders will pay attention to the value of your vehicle, income, and your ability to repay the loan.
  • Payday Loans: Payday loans are similar to title loans in that a low credit score is okay. These loans are secured with the borrower’s paycheck, and in some cases, a lender will forgo a credit check altogether.
  • Home Equity Loans: If you’re a homeowner, then you can consider a home equity loan to pay for dental services.

Assistance Programs to Get Emergency Cash to Pay for Dental Expenses

There are all kinds of assistance programs out there that could offer you with low cost of free dental service. Below you’ll find more information on the ones funded by the government, a few non profit organizations, and how fundraising or crowdfunding could help.

Government Assistance Programs

For those with low income human services, agencies may be able to help. Government funding is given to both dental schools and dental clinics across the country. This provides those facing financial hardship with dental work at a much lower rate.

  1. Dental Schools  dental schools can offer discounted rates, as the students will be doing the work while being monitored by a licensed dentist. The American Dental Education Association has a list of accredited dental schools. For those with low income human service agencies may be able to help. Provides access to a network of free dental clinics for those who meet their income requirements.
  2. Needy Meds Needy Meds provides a comprehensive data page containing information for state or federal funded clinics all over the country.

Dental Grants and Charities

Here are a few nonprofits that could help you find the funds for dental care:

  • Smiles Change Lives a non profit dedicated to cover the entire cost or provide financial assistance to those under 21 who need braces/similar orthodontic work.
  • United Way United Way has clinics all across the United States, and globally. Many of their clinics offer free or low cost dental care. United Way also has clinics that are mobile, making it even easier to get the dental care that you need.
  • Dental Lifeline Network this nonprofit offers help to seniors, disabled individuals, and people in general with free dental care.
  • Needy Meds In addition to contact with resources, Needy Meds could find you a grant for urgent care.


Crowdfunding or fundraising could be a good option when you need funds for dental care. There are no requirements, applications, or wait times. With the right outreach, you can receive the funds you need quickly. One of the most convenient things about fundraising is that you don’t bear the financial burden.

Tips for Saving as Much As Possible with Dental Expenses

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Here are a few ways to save money when seeking dental treatment:

  • Look Around at Several Clinics/Practices like medical care, dental care doesn’t have regulated pricing, and so some dental clinics may be much more expensive than another, so be sure to look around or ask around before choosing a place to revive your dental care.
  • The Importance of Preventative Care with Dental Health  Preventative care with dental care can mean better health, fewer costs with dental bills, and less downtime. Something as simple as brushing and flossing regularly, not smoking, getting regular check ups, limiting sweets, etc. could mean a better quality of life, and save you additional visits to your local dentist. When something is wrong, it is extremely important to seek the care you need, right away, when something is wrong.

If you are thinking about a title loan to pay for preventative dental care or for your urgent dental needs, start with Max Cash® Title Loans. As the #1 national title loan marketplace, we can make the title loan application process fast and easy.

Once approved for a title loan, you could get the funds in as little as 24 hours and use the funds right away. 1 2 If you need more info, check out our FAQ page, or learn more about our mission. To get started, apply for an online title loan through our website or by giving us a call at 1 855 561 5626.

When you need emergency cash to pay for dental expenses, there may be a wide variety of options. If you have health or dental insurance (private or through Medicaid/Medicare), it will make the most sense to start there.

If you don’t have health insurance, or can’t afford the out of pocket costs upfront even with insurance, then you could turn to a loan. Another option for those who are facing financial hardship is looking into assistance programs, grants from charitable organizations, and crowdfunding.