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Diabetes medicine is an important part of ongoing treatment, that can sometimes be lifesaving. If you need emergency cash to pay for diabetes medicine, then you may be wondering about fast options. This is especially true when you need insulin to manage your blood sugar.

When it comes to getting emergency cash, for the meds you need, there are a few solutions out there. There are assistance programs, health insurance, non-profit organizations, and loan options that can work. Here is more information on where to find more diabetes medicine.

Health Insurance for Diabetes Medicine

Your health insurance, depending on your insurance policy, along with general health care, should have some type of coverage for prescription drugs. In some cases, there may be no co-pay with your diabetes medication/prescription meds.

Health insurance can also help pay for diabetes care, or diabetes supplies that can be part of a treatment plan/

Prescription Drugs with Medicaid (CHIP for children)

For those who have Medicaid/Chip (low-cost federal health insurance), will also have access to Medicaid Part D. Medicaid Part D Can help with the cost of both generic and name-brand medication at several pharmacies.

In addition to Medicaid Part D, if you are covered with Medicaid then there may be additional help and resources available to you. You can check them out online.

When you don’t have health insurance coverage, or even with an insurance plan, your copay is something you’ll need assistance with, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. In that scenario, assistance programs, or loan amounts.

Assistance Programs for Emergency Cash to Pay for Diabetes Medicine

Here are some assistance programs that you look into to help pay for diabetes medicine:

How Switching Pharmacies and Switching to Generic Could Mean Saving

Pharmacies can price their medications a little differently, along with that some may or may not accept your insurance. And so, before choosing a pharmacy to work with ask around for the pricing of your diabetes medicine. Additionally, ask your pharmacist about switching from brand-name to generic to save some funds.

Prescription Meds with Assistance Programs for Diabetes Care

There are all kinds of assistance programs out there that can help with medication and care costs. Here are a few assistance programs to inquire about:

  • Prescription Savings Cards. A great resource is a prescription savings card. They are free to get and sometimes saving for out of pocket costs on prescription meds could be as simple as going online and printing a coupon. Local pharmacies may even have their own prescription savings card.
  • Rx Assist. Along with providing a directory for gov and private assistance programs, Rx Assist can help with information on drug saving cards, co-payment programs, supplies (including diabetes supplies), and information on Medicare Part D.
  • RxHope. RXHope can help with assistance programs when it comes to specific medication (including psychotropic meds.)
  • Together Rx Access and Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Both of these can help with partial or full costs of prescription if you qualify.

The American Diabetes Association is another place to start. By filling out some information, they will get back to you with potential resources for both type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes.

Non-Profit Organizations that Can Help with Emergency Cash to Pay for Diabetes Medicine

Here are some non-profits that specially focus on helping those with diabetes, along with others that can help with all kinds of medication needs.

Look Into Prescription Assistance Programs from Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies and generic drug companies may also be able to help you pay for the prescription drugs you need. Many of these companies will have patient assistance programs.

These can provide free or low-cost medication for individuals who can’t pay for their prescriptions, which could be a huge financial help, especially low-income individuals and low-income families. They tend to be flexible, and so, even with moderate income, you may be eligible for help through patient assistance programs.

Loan Options for Emergency Cash

A loan could be another option for emergency cash to pay for diabetes medicine. In general, the funds from these loans can be used for a variety of expenses like medication, diabetes supplies,( glucose monitors, insulin, medical equipment, blood pressure monitors, insulin pumps, test strips etc.) that can help with managing diabetes.  Here are a few loan options to consider for diabetes medication:

  • Personal Loans. Personal loans are one of the more commonly used loans for financial assistance. When it comes to credit history, you’ll need to have good or fair credit history.
  • Payday Loans. Payday loans use the borrower’s paycheck as collateral. In general, these loans are a few hundred dollars and are usually as long as a few weeks.
  • Home Equity Loans. Home equity loans are secured with the value of the borrower’s home. These cash loans may work for those higher-priced emergency expenses.
  • Credit Cards. Credit cards can be used for a variety of different expenses.
  • Title Loans. Title loans are a type of secured lending that works with a vehicle as collateral. With car title loans instead of focusing on your credit history, lenders will look at the value of the vehicle, your ability to repay the loan, and your income.

If you are thinking of a title loan, start with Max Cash Title Loans. We are the #1 nationwide title loan marketplace and make the process very simple. The process is extremely simple:

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What Documents Will I Need for a Title Loan?

Here are some documents you’ll need to apply for a title loan:

  1. A Driver’s License or State ID
  2. The Car’s Title
  3. Pictures of the Vehicle
  4. Proof of Income
  5. Car Insurance
  6. A Few References
  7. Proof of Residence

What Are Some of The Benefits of Beginning with Max Cash Title Loans?

There are tons of benefits when you decide to work with us and the lenders that we work with:

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When you need emergency cash for your diabetes medicine, don’t panic! There are options out there that can make it possible to get you the medicine, and other important medical care related to diabetes.

If you think that a title loan is a right option for you, start with Max Cash Title Loans. To get started by heading online or fill out a title loan application. Or give a call to a loan agent right away.