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A title loan can get you the cash you need!When a loved one passes away, you may be looking at taking on the funeral costs. The average cost for a funeral in the United States can range from $6,000 to $12,000. If you need emergency cash to pay for funeral costs, there are definitely different avenues to look into. Below you’ll find information on getting the cash you need to pay for the different funeral expenses that will often be a part of the service.

What Are The Different Costs That Could Be Associated with a Funeral Service?

If you have never been a part of planning a funeral before, there are some important costs to consider:

  • Gravesite/Burial Plot
  • Casket
  • Headstone
  • Embalming
  • Flowers
  • Vault or coffin container
  • Basic service fee
  • Transportation fee(s), including hearse or van use
  • Cost of opening the ground, placing the remains in the ground, and burial
  • If a person is cremated, consider cremation costs.

Along with that, no matter if a person is cremated or buried, there is often the cost of a memorial service to take on. And so, as you can see, those costs can add up to thousands of dollars.

Check for a Life Insurance Policy or any Funds or Assets Left Intended for Funeral Costs

If the deceased loved one had life insurance, then the chances are that the policy itself will cover the funeral expenses. The more common route is providing a lump sum to the beneficiaries.

In that scenario, you can use the money from the policy to pay for the funeral services. In some cases, a person may have left a small life insurance policy with the funeral home of their choice. If this is the case, the funeral home should be able to get those funds and cover the burial costs.

Additionally, funeral insurance (if applicable) should also cover the costs of the funeral.

So, when the person who has passed, has life or funeral insurance, getting the emergency cash, you need to take care of the costs should be straight forward.

Below you will find more information on the different options out there if you have to take care of funeral expenses without insurance.

Emergency Cash to Pay for Funeral Costs Out of Pocket

Here are some different ways to cover the funeral costs, when having to do so out of pocket:

Look into a Loan to Pay for Funeral Costs

One option that you may consider if making monthly payments is an option is taking out a loan to cover the funeral expenses. Here are a few examples of loans that could work to cover the cost of a funeral:

Look into Federal, State, and Community Support for Help with Funeral Costs

There are many assistance programs out there that are available, here are a few examples:

  • Look into Social Security Benefits if your deceased loved one was receiving social security benefits, certain family members might continue to receive those benefits. Social Security also pays a $255 death benefit, which could come in handy for a smaller cost that is associated with the expenses. 
  • Inquiry about Veteran Benefits if your loved one was a veteran, they may be able to collect veteran burial benefits for the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs. In addition to covering the costs of the funeral, they can also help with all the planning that comes along with setting up a funeral.
  • Look to Union or Employment Benefits in some cases, the former employer or union of the deceased may be able to cover funeral costs, get into contact with them to find out.
  • Indigent Burial Assistance Programs These programs are available all across the country and are there to help people and families that have low income. If your family member/loved one was on a gov. assistance program while they passed away, chances are these programs will take care of the funeral costs. Additionally, you and your family may be eligible for additional cash assistance. Your local Human Services office will have information on assistance programs around you.
  • Getting Funds from FEMA if your family member or loved one died due to natural disasters or other emergencies, FEMA provides funeral assistance to the families of victims from a natural disaster/ emergency.
  • Turn to Non Profits There are all kinds of nonprofits available, in addition to religious organizations. For example, Final Farewell is a non secular charity that offers people help with funeral expenses, and another being, Children’s Burial Assistance, helps families with burial expenses if the person they are laying to rest is a minor.
  • Look into Your State’s Crime Victims Compensation Programs if your loved one was a victim of deadly crime, your State’s Crime Victims Compensation Program might be able to help with the funeral expenses.

Talk to a Funeral Home About Financing and Other Options

Many funeral homes offer financing options and may be able to come up with a repayment plan. Some places may even offer funeral loans, however, you will have to have a decent credit score to be eligible. You can inquire about these services with the funeral director, and they could find low cost options.

If you have the option to look around at different funeral homes, it may be a good idea. Some places are more flexible than others and may fit your budget better. Another option to look into is cremation, as it can be cheaper than a burial. Here are a few questions to ask when looking to find a funeral provider:

  • If they have financing or payment plan options
  • What their funeral loan terms look like
  • Options for embalming, cremation, and viewing
  • Do they work with insurance companies?
  • Ask about funeral packages and funeral arrangement customization.
  • Are they able to handle whatever religious/spiritual beliefs your loved one wants?
  • Do they work with any nonprofits for financial help?

Taking care of a loved one’s burial/funeral can be stressful. However, getting the financial help, you need doesn’t; have to be. When looking for emergency cash to pay for funeral costs, begin by finding potential coverage, your loved one may have. If your loved one had life insurance, veteran status, was a part of a union, on disability, a minor, or funeral insurance, then the majority of those costs should be covered. When you find that emergency cash will need to come from out of pocket, you can look at loan options.

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