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Your energy bill and gas bill may interchangeably increase as the seasons change. High utility or electric bills can cause financial stress, which may lead to needing emergency cash to pay for gas/fuel. Energy costs are rising, and it can be hard to make ends meet without financial assistance.

If you have found yourself struggling with utility bills or energy bills, consider a loan with Max Cash Title Loans! Applying for a title loan online can take just minutes to do!1 It can be the financial assistance you’ve been looking for! Whether you are a low-income household or just in need of temporary assistance, a title loan can help.

To learn more about the energy assistance programs near you, keep reading below!

Programs that Can Give You Emergency Assistance to Pay for Gas/Fuel 

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If you are a low-income family or a low-income household that needs assistance paying for:

  1. Energy Bills
  2. Utility Bills
  3. Gas Bills

There are programs that can help give you the financial assistance you need! The eligibility requirements for these programs are generally your gross income, and your household size. Some homeowners struggle with home heating and weatherization to help save money, so these programs can help.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Can Provide Emergency Cash to Pay for Gas/Fuel Costs

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a government financial assistance program. It can help low-income households with:

  • Home Heating Costs and Heating Assistance
  • Energy Crisis Assistance
  • Weatherization Costs
  • Energy Related Home Repairs
  • Energy Bill, Utility Bills, Gas Bills

Eligibility for this program is simply needing payment assistance for home energy costs and weatherization. Low income homeowners often struggle with shut offs, and energy bills when natural gas prices are rising. Financial assistance through LIHEAP can help make the season change easier-especially when energy bills and heating bills become too expensive.

In order to be eligible for this program, renters or homeowners must meet the income requirements. Low income is generally when the household earns less than a certain amount per year. This can change based upon the number of people occupying the house. 

Gas/Fuel Funds and LIHEAP

In addition to LIHEAP, there are fuel funds, which is a program that raises private funding to help low income households meet their fuel and energy needs. Most fuel funds can be used to provide flexible help to those low-income families that are struggling to pay their gas bills and fuel costs. Fuel assistance benefits do not have to be paid back, and they can range in amount depending on an applicant’s eligibility.

 Most fuel funds have connections to social service or charity organizations, and can help you further if you apply for financial assistance or payment assistance through them. Some non-profit or social services can help set up payment plans that would work with your financial situation through the utility company or gas company. These programs can help you avoid getting your electricity or heat shut off during those crucial months!

 Community Action Agencies that can Provide Financial Assistance for Gas/Fuel Costs

Your local CAA, or Community Action Agencies can help you start the Fuel Assistance or Weatherization Program. The Community Action Agencies are local, which means they can be publicly accessed. While COVID-19 is occurring, these programs can be applied for online.  

The CAA can help direct you to the right financial aid, including payment assistance for utilities. Many utility companies or gas companies will inform a household with a shut off notice, and that can require temporary assistance from these programs if they cannot pay their monthly bill.

Tips to Help Lower Your Energy Costs 

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If you are having trouble paying your energy bills, it may be time to lower your utilities or energy costs with some helpful hacks. Although these hacks may not give you emergency assistance, they can be helpful for when you need to lower your bills every month!

  • Change Your Light Bulbs: If you haven’t done so already, switch to more energy efficient light bulbs! One of the easiest ways to save on your energy bills and utility bills is to make sure your light bulbs are not incandescent, but Halogen bulbs or LED bulbs.
  • Unplug Unused Electronics: While this may seem silly, energy experts agree that the average charger can consume at least.26 watts of energy when plugged in. All of your plugged-in electronics, including your washer can account for at least 10% of your energy bill! When they are not in use, feel free to unplug electronics like your toaster.
  • Lower Your Thermostat: Create new home habits by lowering the temperature when you are not home. Wearing a sweater can help you lower your heating costs during the winter months! 

Check Your Home for Energy Efficiency

Instead of relying on emergency cash to pay for gas/fuel, check out how you can save on energy costs!

  • Attic Insulation: Poor insulation in your attic space can actually increase your energy bills during the winter and summer months!
  • Install Low Flow Shower Heads and Toilets: This is one of the easiest ways to help lower your utility bills and save money. While it may feel like an inconvenience to use, they are great for the environment and for your wallet! 
  • Seal all the Windows: If your windows are drafty, consider adding a weatherstrip around the frame, or caulk with silicone over any cracks in the drywall. This can be an inexpensive way to lower your energy costs in the winter and summer!
  • Turn off Water : If you run water while you brush your teeth or shave, this can add up after a while! Be mindful to conserve your water throughout the month, and take shorter showers to lower your utility costs.

How Can Max Cash Title Loans Help With Emergency Cash to Pay for Gas/Fuel Costs?

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If you need of emergency financial assistance, you may not have time to wait for these programs to help you. Instead, consider finding the right loan for your financial situation through Max Cash Title Loans!5 The application process can take just minutes to do, and you could get cash in one business day.1