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When you need emergency cash to pay for major purchases, begin with Max Cash Title Loans. 2 5 We are delighted to provide customers with secure alternatives to their financial goals. With our network of title loan lenders, we can also supply you with a title loan with added advantages. 2 4 5

Are you searching for emergency cash to pay for major purchases, but not sure where to start? Begin your title loan application now with Max Cash Title Loans. It is also possible to fill out a short online inquiry form if it is more convenient for you!

To learn more about title loans and other options for emergency cash to pay for major purchases, and how they could help you, continue reading below!

Unsecured Personal Loans to Pay for Major Purchases

Personal loans are utilized for a variety of reasons, from paying for monthly expenses to paying for big-ticket items such as a new car. Personal loans can be unsecured loans, so you are not placing security like a home or car at stake in the event you default on your loan.

In case you have high-interest credit card debt, then a personal loan may help you repay that debt earlier. To consolidate your debt with a personal loan, you would apply for a loan in the amount you owe on your credit cards. Next, if you’re qualified for the full amount, you would use the loan funds to cover your credit cards instead of making monthly payments on your personal loan.

Based on your credit, a personal loan may offer a lower interest rate than your credit card, and a lower interest rate may mean massive savings. A personal loan may also be the right choice if you want to finance a large purchase, such as a home repair project, or you have other significant costs like a down payment on a new home or unexpected expenses.

Credit Card Cash Advances

Your credit card may offer a cash advance, which is a short-term loan that you borrow from your card’s available balance. Not all companies accept credit cards, so if you don’t have cash on hand to pay for something you need, a cash advance might be a fantastic option.

Though you’re using your credit card, you won’t automatically have the identical interest rate on a cash advance as a big purchase. You may begin accruing interest debt after you withdraw the money — and you will likely confront a processing fee.

Secured Personal Loans for Major Expenses

For a secured personal loan, you are going to have to offer up a few types of security, like a car or certificate of deposit, to “secure” your loan.

Secured personal loans often come with lower interest rates than unsecured personal loans. That is because the lender may consider a secured loan to be less risky — there is an asset backing up your loan. If you do not mind pledging collateral and you are confident you can pay off your loan, a secured loan may save you money on interest.

When you use your collateral to take out a loan, you run the risk of losing the property that you provided as collateral. By way of instance, if you default on your personal loan payments, your creditor could grab your car or savings account.

Below are a few types of secured loans:

Payday Loans

  • Payday loans are short-term, high-cost loans, which are typically due by the next payday. States regulate payday lenders, which means your available loan amount, loan fees, and the time you need to repay may vary based on where you reside. And some countries ban payday lending entirely.
  • To repay the loan, you will typically need to write a post-dated check or authorize the creditor to withdraw the amount you borrowed automatically, and any interest or penalties, from the bank account. If you own your car outright and do not have another way to borrow enough money, a payday loan can provide you access to the cash you may otherwise not have the ability to get for emergency cash to pay for major purchases.

Pawn Shop Loans

  • A pawn shop loan is just another fast-cash borrowing option. You will take an item of value, like a piece of jewelry or a digital, into a pawn shop and borrow money based on the product’s value. Loan terms vary based on the pawn shop, and interest rates could be high. However, some states have stepped in to control the business. Besides, you generally won’t receive your pawned item back until you repay the loan in full, although the amount of time you need to pay off the loan varies by state.

Payday Alternative Loans

  • An alternative payday loan is a short-term loan offered by some federal credit unions. A pal is intended to be less expensive than a payday loan. Payday alternative loan amounts vary from $200 to $1,000, and they have longer repayment terms than payday loans one to six months rather than the standard couple weeks you get using a payday loan.
  • If you are considering a payday loan, see if you qualify for an alternative payday loan — you will likely spend less on interest. A federal credit union cannot charge application fees for at least the price to process your loan application, with a maximum of $20. Payday loans often cost $15 for each $100 borrowed, which may equate to an APR in the triple digits.

Home Equity Loans

  • A home equity loan is a type of secured loan in which your home is used as collateral to borrow a lump sum of cash. The amount you can borrow is based on the equity you have in your house or the difference between your home’s market value and how much you owe on your home. You typically cannot borrow more than 85% of the equity you have in your home.
  • As you’re using your home as security, your interest rate using a home equity loan may be lower than with an unsecured personal loan. You may use your home equity loan for various uses, ranging from home improvements to health bills. Before taking out a home equity loan, make it so that the payments are in your monthly budget. Should you default on your home equity loan, your lender may foreclose on your house, putting you out of place to call home.

How a Title Loan Could Help

  • Car title loans are a secured loan which uses a borrower’s vehicle and their ability to repay the loan to ascertain the title loan amount. During the loan process, a borrower will offer the creditor with their vehicle title. Following your monthly payments are complete, the lender will send your title back to you. It’s as straightforward as that!
  • Short-term auto title loans are an excellent way to cover emergencies like medical bills, legal fees, and unexpected bills, or major purchases. One of the substantial benefits is that you can continue to drive your car or truck during your loan term. Additionally, things like credit checks, bad credit scores, and credit history aren’t a substantial element in determining eligibility.
  • As the number one title loan marketplace in America, Max Cash Title Loans aims to provide customers with a hassle-free title loan process.

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