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Title loan on 2009 Infiniti FX35Medical emergencies can be extremely daunting. If you don’t have the emergency cash to pay for medical emergencies, things can become even more complicated.

The good news is that there are many options out there so you could get the emergency cash to pay for medical emergencies either for you or a family member. If you have health insurance, that may be the best place to begin. Otherwise, there are all kinds of loans and even assistance programs that may be able to help. Below you’ll find a few options that can help you take care of those emergency medical bills or medical expenses.

Starting with Your Health Insurance When You Need Emergency Cash to Pay for Medical Emergencies

If you have health insurance, then the first thing you should do is get into contact with them. Most medical insurance will cover medical costs, with a deductible. But because there can be such differences with healthcare, talk to your provider about your specific situation.

If you are trying to pay for a dependent, as long as they are covered under your health insurance, you should also be able to get help for them.

The issue with health insurance for many Americans is that it is often connected to their employment. And if you are facing a job loss or find yourself in between jobs then you may not have coverage.

However, there may be relief if you have a health savings account. You can use the funds from a health savings account, for almost any kind of medical debt or expenses.

And, even if you are not working at the same place when you were depositing funds into the account, you can still use them. Your health savings accounts act like emergency savings for medical expenses. It can be used anywhere a debit card, or a credit card is accepted.

Talk to The Hospital About Payment Options

Usually, hospitals can be quite flexible with those who owe them money. Once you leave the hospital, you’ll get a bill in the mail, with a list of the charges and the amount due, along with a potential due date.

If you have health insurance, then that might be factored into the expenses, however, it may not cover everything. If you don’t have enough money for out of pocket costs, or for the repayment terms that they ask for the first time, contact them, be transparent, and chances are that they will work with you to accommodate a plan that works better.

Hospitals have all kinds of flexibility, especially for larger medical expenses. Additionally, sometimes it is a good idea to request your medical records to double check the charges.

It may be helpful to know that medical debts, although can impact your finances and living expenses, don’t impact your credit score.

Look into a Loan for Emergency Cash to Pay for Medical Emergencies

Another option to consider is looking to a loan to get the extra money you need for medical bills. Here are a few loan types that may work well for a financial emergency:

  • Personal Loans personal loans are a type of lending that is borrowed for a variety of different reasons, including medical bills. A borrower may find a personal loan with an asset involved, in case their credit history is not great. Personal loan lenders are easy to find, as they are one of the most popular kinds of lending out there.
  • Title Loans title loans are secured by the borrower’s vehicle. These loans are best suited for those with less than perfect credit, or for those who need funding extremely fast. Although the funding process is generally fast and easy, the interest rate with title loans can be very high so look around before committing.
  • Credit Cards a credit card can be another way to cover the costs of medical bills from your emergency room visit. Just make sure to be aware of the interest rate on the specific card or cards that you are using, and the amount of debt you are collecting.
  • Medical Credit Cards there are credit card options that are made specifically for medical care. You may get more flexibility with these, and longer repayment terms, and high loan amounts. Look into medical credit cards if you are thinking of a loan for medical expenses.

Look for Assistance in Your Community, State Resources, and Online for Emergency Cash

Because medical expenses can impact almost anyone, and because they can be so high in the United States, many government programs can help.

Low cost health insurance (Medicaid, Chip), community clinics, financial assistance programs, state and local social service agencies, welfare, temporary assistance for needy families (TANF), and assistance with prescription drug costs, are out there for inquiry.

In addition to this, fundraising is another way to help with the costs of unexpected medical bills, if you are comfortable with that idea.

Fundraising for medical expenses has become common for many people, as healthcare costs rise, and health coverage minimizes its role. Thanks to online outreach, fundraising to cover the cost of your emergency room visit can be something that works well.

Depending on your social media accounts, even small contributions can cumulate into something big. So, although asking for help may not be everyone’s favorite option, it is definitely worth looking into. In some cases, the donations can be sent straight to your bank account, so you can take care of your medical bills/expenses right away.

Start a Savings Fund for the Future

Once you have handled your medical emergency, it’s a good idea to start planning for the future.

If you don’t have a savings fund, it will be a good idea to start one right away. You can start small, as any amount can help is better than none. This fund may come in handy for emergencies that may come up in the future.

It can be helpful to have a savings goal for every paycheck or every month. Additionally, take a large amount like a work bonus, or your tax refund and start from there.

By making sure to stash some income away you can rest assured that you have at least some kind of safety net if unexpected expenses pop up. With a proper savings account, you can face your future with peace of mind, knowing that you have at least something that you can use right away. It can also mean avoiding going into debt.

A medical emergency can happen to almost anyone and will most likely happen to you at some point during your life. When the bill does come after the visit, there are many options to consider when making/managing that payment. Some of these options are ones that you may be able to do yourself, others will involve seeking help.


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No matter what route you must take getting emergency cash to pay for medical emergencies with a little maneuvering, is definitely possible!