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The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in the United States has never been so expensive. Ongoing medication can be essential for many Americans to live a quality life, and in some cases even to stay alive.

If you need emergency cash to pay for medications, the good news is that there may be many options. If you have health insurance (private or Medicaid), that should be the first place to begin.

When you don’t have that option, then you can look into loans and financial assistance programs that can help bring the costs down or take care of the entire costs of your medication. Below you’ll find more information on the different options for emergency cash for medications, and how to pursue them.

How Your Health Insurance Can Help You

When seeking treatment with your physician, it is important to provide all the necessary health insurance information. Although, most physicians will pass along the insurance info. to your pharmacy, you may have to provide it separately to your pharmacist.

In most cases, the administrative side of your doctor’s practice will take on finding out about the benefits. However, it may be a good idea to talk to your insurance company yourself and review the insurance plan that you have.

Talk to Several Pharmacies

When looking to lower the cost of prescription medications, one strategy is to ask your pharmacist about generic medication. Many times, generic medication costs much less than the brand name, and work is just as effective. Additionally, ask about pricing with different pharmacies as they can vary quite a bit from one pharmacy to another.

Medicare Part D

If you are insured through Medicaid (or CHIP for children), then you have access to Medicaid Part D, also known as Part D. This program can help cover costs of both generic and name brand medication and is available across many pharmacies. As long as you have Medicaid, eligibility requirements for Medicare Part D, regardless of your income, prescription, or health status.

In addition to this program, Medicare offers additional coverage options for those who are curious. Visit their website for plan options and enroll.

Although health insurance can greatly help with the cost of prescription medication, it may not cover all the costs, and you may be extra that you must pay, also known as the co pay. Below are some options to consider for those who cannot afford their co pay or don’t have health insurance.

The Different Assistance Programs to Help you Get Emergency Cash to Pay for Medications

There are all kinds of assistance programs out there from the government, nonprofits, and pharma companies:

Federal, State, or Local Medication Assistance

There are many federal, state, and local government programs that can help when you need help to cover the costs of medication or help you in locating options that you may be eligible:

  • Together Rx Access and Partnership for Prescription Assistance  both of these can help with partial or full costs of prescription if you qualify.
  • Mental Health America, and Your Local Medicaid Office they are a great resource for information about prescription assistance and drug assistance programs.
  • Rx Assist along with providing a directory for assistance programs, Rx Assist can help with information on drug saving cards, co payment programs, and information on Medicare Part D.
  • RxHope RXHope will have downloadable and printable applications for assistance programs when it comes to specific medication (including psychotropic meds.)
  • Prescription Saving Cards/Drug Discount Cards/Prescription Discount Cards prescription saving cards, are essentially coupons/discount programs that are provided for free. FamilyWize is a popular one, while some larger and local pharmacies may have their own.

Look Into Prescription Assistance Programs from Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies and generic drug companies may also be able to help you pay for the prescription drugs you need. Many of them will have patient assistance programs, which can provide free or low cost medication for familiars and individuals who can’t pay for their prescriptions. In general, they are pretty flexible when it comes to income minimums, and so even with moderate income, you may be eligible for help through patient assistance programs.

  • Rx Outreach is a top prescription assistance program that works with many of the large national pharmacies. In addition to helping people save money, they provide online options, and in some cases can deliver the medication you need to your door.

Nonprofits that Can Help You Get Emergency Cash to Pay for Medications

  • Health Well Foundation. In addition to helping with prescriptions, they can help pay for deductibles that come with healthcare costs.
  • Religious Organizations. All kinds of local religious groups offer financial assistance and may be able to help you.
  • National Organization for Rare Diseases. For those who have a specific disease causing their need for medication, this nonprofit may be able to help.
  • The Dispensary of Hope. This is a nonprofit run by individual donors, they help all kinds of demographics who need medical assistance.
  • Medco Foundation. A nonprofit that donates to individuals and who have low income and need help paying for their medication.
  • Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN). In addition to helping find resources related to specific medical conditions or just general healthcare, PAN can help those who don’t have health insurance coverage or prescription drug coverage, patients get the medical treatment they need.
  • Needy Meds. This is another resource for locating medical or prescription help.

Something to keep in mind, because of coronavirus/COVID 19 and the impact it has, there may be additional resources for help to look into.

Look into a Loan for Emergency Cash to Pay for Medication

Another option to consider when you need financial assistance to pay for out of pocket costs is a loan. Lending can be a fast option when you need cash right away. Here are some examples of loans that can work well to pay for medications:

  • Credit Cards. Credit cards are often kept for emergency expenses, and when you cannot afford to pay upfront, then consider using a credit card to cover the cost.
  • Personal Loans. Personal loans can be used for a variety of expenses and can come in all kinds of amounts. To be eligible, you’ll have to have good credit.
  • Title Loans. Title loans use the borrower’s vehicle as collateral. Once the loan is paid back, the car’s title will be returned to you. Eligibility requirements are extremely flexible.
  • Payday Loans. Payday loans are secured with the borrower’s paycheck. These are short term loans that could make ends meet when you need fast funds.

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If you need emergency cash to pay for medications, the first place to look into is your health insurance policy. For those who do not have healthcare coverage, or cannot afford their copayment even with healthcare, there are all kinds of government programs, nonprofit, assistance from pharmaceutical companies themselves, and you can also consider a loan.