What Factors Does Max Cash Title Loans use to Determine Vehicle Value?

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The straight answer of how we at Max Cash Title Loans determines vehicle value is easy: We use the standard and enhanced information to determine the vehicle value. What are these things you may ask?

Looking at standard information, this includes:

  • Vehicle mileage
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model

We don’t stop there! We then add to that process of vehicle value estimates with the enhanced information we receive. Here are the following factors of enhanced information we look at:

  • Vehicle color
  • Vehicle condition
  • Edition of the model
  • Engine size

Along with these factors from the enhanced information, we may also see the options or additions that also come with the car as well (e.g. sunroof, leather seats, multiple cup holders). But that’s not at all, we at Max Cash Title Loans feel that it is your choice on how much you want to tell us about your car.

However, the more information you do give about your vehicle, the more accurate we could be on our vehicle value evaluation, especially if you are looking to use that vehicle value information to get title loans.

To get more in-depth with how the vehicle value check works, lets look at each factor because not all of them are as familiar as others when it comes to using them in determining the vehicle value.

Vehicle mileage

Vehicle mileage is an important factor for vehicle value because it kind of acts like the “life-span” of the car. The less miles a car has, the older and less useful it becomes, which could in turn decrease its vehicle value.


The year is also another way that a car is measured by its life span. The newer the car, the more valuable it becomes. However, well-kept vintage cars are a different sort-of category all-together that may require different evaluation by experts in that field.


The make of the vehicle is the company that produced the car.


The model of a car is the actual type of car that you may be driving.

Vehicle condition

As an enhanced information factor that could help determine your car’s vehicle value, one could be as specific or a non-specific on any interior or exterior damage that the vehicle may have suffered. Any mechanical or engine problems may be significant enough to decrease the vehicle value as well.

Edition of the model

Depending on the make and model, there are some specific models that may be labeled as “limited edition” models or even a unique edition of certain models. This type of factor could increase the vehicle value depending on its rarity as an edition.

Engine Size

Engine size could be an important factor because typically the larger the engine, the more fuel a car could use up while more advanced and smaller engines tend to use less fuel. This type of versatility could in turn hold more vehicle value for a smaller, efficient engine.

These factors, albeit as many as one decides to share about their car, can certainly make for a more accurate vehicle value that could help you see how much you could expect when getting car title loans.  So what things can you do for your car to increase that value?

How to increase the vehicle value of your car?

Although not every one of these factors that we looked at could be increased, (unless one can afford costly improvements or engine replacements/customizations) here are just some general tips that we at Max Cash Title Loans recommend that could increase the vehicle value of your car:

  • Take care of your car: Avoiding any hazards when possible and making sure you take precautions when driving your car are just some ways and steps you could take when taking care for your car.
  • Avoid bad habits: Pushing your breaks hard or keeping garbage that could stain the interiors of your vehicle are just some habits you should kick out to keep your car healthy and keep its condition in peak form.
  • Always listen to service lights: Whether it’s an oil change or other warnings, listening to what your car is dealing with as early as possible can fix smaller issues that could end up being bigger problems later down the line.
  • Save gas when you can: There will be times where you may not have to use your car to get to a place. Saving gas and miles on your car can keep more of the vehicle value in your car. Not to mention alternatives like using a bike could be a great way to get some cardio in!
  • A clean car is a nicer car: Whether it’s a car wash or by hand, cleaning your car once a week or once a month will improve its external value and can keep your car looking brand-new.

Now that you have the right mindset and are ready to give information about your car to us, why is it beneficial to pick us when determining the value of your vehicle rather than other, similar services?

Why should Max Cash Title Loans determine the vehicle value of your car?

We at Max Cash Title Loans feel we offer an in-depth analysis on how we determine the value of your car. With a combination of standard and enhanced information, some services offer this type of help in evaluating your car’s vehicle but could come at a cost!

By physically inspecting your vehicle and checking the car thoroughly, some of these services will charge for these types of appraisals. We do not charge a dime when we determine your vehicle value, and we don’t come to see your car!

We feel that whatever information you can give us about your car and any enhanced information is all we need to determine an estimation on the car’s value. Our customer service is also free, especially if you have questions about title loans or about whether your vehicle could qualify for a title loan to lenders.

Call us today or apply to see how much your vehicle may be worth!