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4th of July FREEDOM MONEY Contest

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4th of July FREEDOM MONEY Contest

April 28, 2017

Freedom Money Contest – Contest closed! Stay tuned for the next contest!

Freedom Money


With 21 potential winners this 4th of July could be a money explosion! One winner will get $500 and twenty other winners will get $50 each.

This is a super fun contest and as many people who have won in the past, they will tell you that getting money from a title loan processor FREE is about the best that it can get. So how do you play?

The United States has so many FREE and FUN things to do but a lot of people don’t know about them. We are going to change that and when you take your road trip this summer, you will have an insiders edge on the best hidden free and fun things to do.



The only way to share and enter is to enter the contest by either:

  1. Writing about it in essay form. How easy is that! Make sure you give a good description about where the fun and free thing to do is what they can expect.
  2. Take a photo of the possible activity. Make sure in the description you give your insider tips about the activity.
  3. Take a small video and upload it and while filming it talk about it.


KEY TO WINNING: This is NOT a random drawing. Quality of the entry is important. You need to edge out someone else who is posting their selection. If you want to see the other entries… go to CONTEST ENTRIES

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