How to Get an Auto Title Loan When the Title is Not in my Name

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When obtaining an auto title loan, the title is one of the most important document needed since the title is the collateral. However, if you have just bought a car, you may not have the title in your name yet. There are also other reasons why your name may not be on your vehicle title. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure your vehicle title is properly in your name before you begin the title loan process. One the title is signed over to your name, you can take advantage of all of the benefits that come with being a vehicle owner. This includes using your vehicle as collateral for fast and secure funding!1

Below are a few options to consider if you want to get a title loan, but do not have a title in your name. 

Get a New Title for your Motor Vehicle from the DMV

If you just purchased a vehicle, you want to make sure you get the vehicle title is signed over in your name as soon as possible. You can do this by going to your local DMV and presenting them with the proper documents.  From there, a DMV associate will be able to process your documents and provide you with a new vehicle title in your name. Keep in mind that this process may take a bit of time, which is why you want to get your vehicle title transferred right away; so it’s ready when you need it. 

Do a Family Transfer for Title Loans when the Title is Not in Your Name 

If you had either purchased the vehicle or have been “gifted” the vehicle from a family member, you can do what is referred to as a “family transfer”. If you would like to use this kind of vehicle title as collateral for a title loan, and the lender allows this option, you would simply take the necessary steps in order to complete a family transfer. This process differs from state to state.

One example is in California. On a California title, you would simply have the original owner sign line “1a” on the front of the title, the new owner would then sign line “1b” in the same section. Next, the original owner would sign and date the bottom right corner of the front of the title. After the front of the title is signed and completed, you would then flip the title over and the purchaser would fill out the “New registered owner” section on the top portion of the back of the title with their name, address, date, driver license number, and purchase amount. If the vehicle has been gifted to the new owner, you would simply write “gift” in the purchase amount section.  This would complete your family transfer in the state of California.

*This may not be an option with certain lenders as well as certain states 

Fill out a 227 Form For Title Loans with the Title Not in Your Name 

This option is also for California only. A 227 can be used for a lost or stolen title. This is a very simple form to fill out to act in place of the title. To correctly fill out a California 227 form, you would need to fill out section 3, and section 5 only, sign the document, and have it notarized. In California, a lender can accept this as the title to your vehicle since they will be able to fill out the “lien holder” section on the 227 form in order to perfect the lien through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

*This may not be an option with certain lenders as well as certain states

Get a Same Day Title:

Now, this option is only available in certain states such as Arizona and South Carolina. If this is an option in your state, you would simply go to the local DMV, or 3rd party vendor, and purchase a new copy of your title. If your state does not offer a same day title option, ask the agent at the department if they have an “expedited” option. If this is an option, they will usually charge an extra fee in order to get the title to you in just a few short business days.

Check your local DMV for the typical cost of switching your title as well as “same day”, or “expedited” title options:

Let Max Cash Title Loans Help With Title Loans When the Title is Not in Your Name 

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