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03:11:03 PM [Title Loan] Hi, how may I help you?
03:11:20 PM [Visitor] what are your fees for title loans? thank you.
03:11:34 PM [Title Loan] What city and state are you in?
03:11:39 PM [Visitor] henderson, nv
03:12:35 PM [Title Loan] What type of fees are you asking about?
03:12:46 PM [Visitor] interest rate, etc
03:13:36 PM [Title Loan] The interest rate will vary because the factors are numerous… such as age, mileage, ect but I can tell you that you will really not find a lower rate because the lender would not be part of our network if they were not the best. We check the rates weekly. Also..There is no pre-pay penalty. The minimum loan is $500.
03:13:45 PM [Visitor] i am thinking about doing a title loan on my vehicle, but numerous places offer it, and all state to have the best low fees, etc. Yet, i have no idea how much it typically is. just a rough estimate.
03:14:16 PM [Visitor] ok. would you be able to give me an estimate or quote on my vehicle or do i have to do the app?
03:14:56 PM [Title Loan] In order to get exact details you can fill out the application which is not a commitment. Or I can give you a rough estimate.
03:15:05 PM [Visitor] im not sure if i want to do the loan, it’s just a back up plan as of now, but I’d like to know what I’d be looking at in fees
03:15:17 PM [Visitor]
ok, please give me a rough estimate
03:15:32 PM [Visitor]
i have a 2002 toyota sequoia. fully loaded. 85,000 miles
03:15:39 PM [Title Loan] One moment please.
03:15:43 PM [Visitor] thank you
03:17:50 PM [Title Loan] Is it the SR% Sport or the Limited Sport?
03:17:57 PM [Title Loan] SR5*
03:18:41 PM [Visitor] i just know it’s fully loaded. maybe the limited edition.
03:19:25 PM [Title Loan] Ok.
03:19:32 PM [Visitor] thanks
03:20:38 PM [Title Loan] Approximately $6,000-7,500.
03:21:23 PM [Visitor] what is the process like? what would be the fees and loan commitment?
03:23:57 PM [Title Loan] The process is fast and efficient. A direct loan underwriter contacts you and you will discuss how long you want the loan for, interest rates, and how much the loan will be. You’re car will be approved.
03:25:41 PM [Title Loan] The process can be finished within a few hours. The loan commitment can vary, but there will be no prepay penalty fees.
03:25:52 PM [Visitor]
ok thank you. i will think it over, but you have been the nicest person who has helped me to date. Finally someone gave me a real answer.
03:26:05 PM [Visitor]
thank you so much for your help. i really appreciate it.
03:26:08 PM [Title Loan] Great. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
03:26:20 PM [Visitor]
that was all. 🙂 thanks!