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When getting a car title loan, a borrower should always prioritize their repayments to the loan, especially since there is the consequence of potentially losing your car to your car title loan lender if you fail to meet those payments. However, one thing to also understand when getting a car title loan are the hidden fees that may come into play as soon as one signs a contract.

But what kinds of hidden car title loan fees should you be aware of? Well we at Max Cash Title Loans will take this time to give you a rundown of just a handful of hidden fees that you may encounter if one decides to inquire about a car title loan without any guidance.

Types of Hidden Car Title Loan Fees

Hidden car title loan fees come in different forms and tend to charge for different reasons. Here are a few to be aware of:

Late and prepayment penalties

One of the most basic forms of hidden car title loan fees is the late and prepayment penalties that could occur if you fail to pay too late, or pay too early. Unlike some other hidden fees, most companies typically have this down either in the contract or even on their website.

Balloon Payments

Balloon payments may sound like a party, but they are one of the hidden car title loan fees that everyone should avoid. In short, a balloon payment is typically what is due at the end of loan and is common among short term title loans. In these types of hidden fees, only a part of the whole loan’s principal balance is amortized. However, the remaining balance that is due tends to be a large repayment because it “balloons” up compared to the previous loan payments.

Transaction Fees / Convenience Fees

Alternate payment methods like paying your car title loan through phone apps or online may seem easier for a borrower, but one should consider the hidden fees that are placed when you use these type of payment options. Ask your borrower or check online receipts to see if convenience fees or transaction fees are accrued along with your car title loan payment totals.

Credit Report Fees

If lenders are checking a credit report when looking at your application, they may charge you hidden fees that go from checking that information! To avoid this, be sure to check to see if whomever your lending checks any of these types of information, especially since most title loans will “guarantee” that they don’t need this type of info to get you a car title loan.

Appraisal Fees

Be sure to be on the watch if a car title loan lender is tries to charge you hidden car title loan fees for inspecting your vehicle as part of the car title loan process.

Origination Fee

An origination fee is a way to justify any kind extra work or services that a lender may have done for your title loan. This may include labor like calculating loan terms, underwriting the paperwork and any type of customer service that had been done in the process. For these type of hidden fees, see if it’s going to be added to your monthly car title loan payments.

Now that you have an idea on some types of hidden car title loan fees, what is the best way to uncover these fees? The answer is looking into a three word term: Annual Percentage Rate, or APR.

The number put on an APR includes any hidden fees that are included in the transaction over a span of the year, which could provide a total number that can be compared to determine which loan option may be the right one for someone’s specific financial situation.

With that in mind, how does one look for title loans in the vast market of lenders who possibly have hidden fees under their loans? Well it could be simple with a little help and care put out by Max Cash Title Loans.

How Max Cash Title Loans Can Help You Avoid Hidden Car Title Loan Fees

We at Max Cash Title Loans tend to help anyone on anything about title loans.

In fact, we can offer our years of experience in searching for title loans absolutely free! That’s right. We are willing to give you all the help you need in looking for a car title loan that works for your financial situation1. No hidden fees to worry about when you get help from us at Max Cash Title Loans. Upon approval and connection to a reputable lender found through Max Cash Title Loans, you can speak with your lender about the details of the loan that way there won’t be any hidden fees!

For those interested, you can apply or call today to see how Max Cash Title Loans can help you find title loans that don’t have hidden fees4. Give us a call at 844 242 0026 today!