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Hidden money contest

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Hidden money contest

April 12, 2018

On this site there are four of THIS image (this one is not one you can use to submit because by clicking on it does nothing. You have to find the other 4 on this site by using the hints below. You ONLY need to find ONE to submit:


Title Loan Path


When you find one, click on the image you will be directed to the submission page! You could possibly win $100.

Here are hints to each one:

HINT#1  Looking for a new job? Maybe you could find one here.

HINT#2 When you need “service” in  Los Angeles, you might want to go here.

HINT#3 People always want to calculate how much a title loan will cost. Clicking on this page may get you on the right path.

HINT #4 Confused on How this works? You might want to check out this page.





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