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When your current monthly loan payment on your home loan is too much for you to handle, consider refinancing. There are many good reasons to refinance a loan. You could end up in better financial shape in the long run if you go about things the right way. Max Cash Title Loans is here to guide you through the benefits of refinancing a home loan.

Lower Interest Rate

By refinancing your home loan, you could be able to negotiate a lower interest rate. This could save you boatloads of money over the life of the loan. By refinancing, you could reduce the amount you pay each month in interest. You may also be able to receive a longer loan period to pay off your loan, which in turn could reduce your monthly payment.

Debt Consolidation

Refinancing your home loan lets you combine other types of loans into one monthly loan payments. You could roll credit card bills as well as other installment debts into one loan. The proceeds from the loan go toward paying off the debt that has a higher interest rate, which then saves you money in interest, late fees, and over-limit fees. Debt consolidation is one of the most popular reasons individuals decide to refinance their home loan.

Property Improvements

Going ahead with refinancing your home loan could allow you to receive the money you need to make any repairs or improvements to your property. One thing to consider is that making home or property improvements increases the value of your home. A higher home value means more money for you when you decide that it is time to sell the house and move somewhere else.


If there is some sort of emergency expense, refinancing your home loan could be the best option you have to help you pay for it. You could tap into the equity of your home if you refinance your home by going with a home equity loan or a line of credit loan. Depending on the limitations imposed by the bank, you could use your money for a plethora of things.

ARM to Fixed

One of the benefits to refinancing your home loan is that you could receive an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM). An ARM increases your interest rate as well as your monthly payment upward into a fixed-rate loan, after which the monthly payments and interest rate will stay the same for the rest of the duration of your loan.

Removing Someone from the Loan

Divorce or rifts in a relationship can occur. When two people are no longer living together, there comes a point where it makes no sense to keep them on the home loan if they are no longer living in the home. Refinancing a loan could help you acquire the mortgage solely in your name or sign someone else on to help you pay it. By refinancing, the former loan signer will be freed from any obligation to keep paying the loan.

Fees, Penalties, and Taxes

There are other things to keep in mind when refinancing a home loan. There are a number of taxes, penalties, and fees that come along with all the benefits that were mentioned above. Keep these charges in mind, as they could have a serious impact on your financial health in the long run.

Mortgage Amortization

When it comes to mortgages, each additional mortgage payment goes towards the principal and less towards the interest than the last payment.  After some time, a large amount of each mortgage payment could go towards your base principal.

If you choose to refinance, the amortization process will reset and begin all over again. Additionally, most of each of the payments will once again be put against the interest owed instead of paying down the principal.  Sometimes, refinancing might make it take longer to pay off a mortgage. This in turn could set someone back financially way more than they could have possibly anticipated. It would be a good idea to consider when refinancing your home loan would be most beneficial to you.

Mortgage Refinance Fees

Often when you go to refinance a mortgage, there are fees involved, just like there were fees involved when taking out the original mortgage. Fees could end up costing from 3% to 6% of the principal that remains from the mortgage.

Some lenders may entice you with exclamations of “no-cost refinancing.” Definitions of this might vary from lender to lender, but it often refers to the ability to refinance your home loan without having to pay any up-front fees out of pocket.  In order to get your hands on such a swell deal, often the interest rate will be increased or bundled into the loan as a higher principal. You will then repay this with interest over the duration of the loan.

How Max Cash Title Loans Could Help

If you want to refinance your home loan, a car title loan received through Max Cash Title Loans could help you. If you have a qualifying car title and the ability to repay the loan, then you could receive a loan worth up to $50,000!2 5

There are some useful advantages that come with choosing Max Cash Title Loans for your car title loan acquisition needs, such as:

  • We are open 7 days per week
  • Having a low credit score or no credit at all may not be a hindrance5
  • Having declared bankruptcy in the past may not be a problem5
  • There are no penalties for pre-payment3
  • Pre-approval is quick and easy5
  • Receive funding the same day if you qualify5

If you have any questions about car title loans or you need to get a hold of us for any reason, reach Max Cash by:

  • Calling or texting us directly at 1-855-561-5626
  • Emailing us at
  • Writing to us at 1270 E. Broadway Rd. Suite 208, Tempe, Arizona 85282