How Long Do I Have to Pay Back my Auto Title Loan?

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If you are an individual that prefers to plan their financial strategy, you often have the upper hand for loans. Planners are deliberate in their approach to loans and will often get great deals for planning out a repayment strategy. You might be wondering- how long do I have to pay back my auto title loan?

This is an important quality to have when you are approved for an auto title loan. You can start planning how the loan is going to be paid back on the first day you receive the loan. Every month, your loan payment will be due on the same day, and you will often have convenient options to pay back the loan. Most auto title loan lenders have a variety of payment options for their customers.4 The three most common methods are: pay online, pay over the phone or send a money order/wire transfer at a MoneyGram location. 

Generally, How Long Do I Have to Pay Back my Auto Title Loan?

The length of a title loan depends on the amount of the monthly payment you can afford. When a loan term is shorter, the monthly payment will likely be higher. If you need a longer-term loan, you will end up paying more because of interest.4 

How Do I Know What Payment Amount is Right For Me?

  • How long can I pay for the loan without going over my budget?
  • What are my financial goals in the long run?
  • How will this loan impact my ability to pay my bills on time?
  • Will I be able to make extra payments to shorten my payment period and avoid paying unnecessary interest?
  • Will I make lifestyle changes to make sure I can pay my monthly payment?

We understand that these questions aren’t always on your mind when applying for an auto title loan. But, it is our goal for you to be as informed as possible. That way, we can make sure you understand the repayment process. When deciding how to get an auto title loan, ask yourself these questions and make sure to be as realistic as possible when answering. 

How Does the Repayment Process Work If I Have a Cosigner?

If the loan was made under your name but you have a cosigner, involve this other person in the repayment schedule decision. They share the obligation! If you believe you need assistance making this decision, you can call Max Cash Title Loans at (855) 561-5626. We have our loan support team available 7 days a week (that’s right! Even on Sunday) to make sure you can find the help you need. Loan officers are trained to solve any issues related to loans, process your application, and receive any and all of your concerns.

How Can I Pay Back my Auto Title Loan Early?

Early Payments: If you have a title loan, you might wonder if it can be paid back early. 

When a loan is paid back earlier than agreed upon, the lender usually loses out on interest fees. The way lenders can recover is by adding prepayment penalties to the terms and conditions of a loan. But, most lenders do not have such penalties.3, 4 If your title loan is paid back early, you can potentially save on interest!4

On-Time Payments: Inquiring and obtaining a loan requires you to go through a hard credit check. This may lower your credit score and appear on your credit report. This is necessary to make sure you are able to afford the loan and that you can potentially pay it back. 

Credit Scores: Most see running credit as a negative but you could use it to your advantage. When a title loan is paid back consistently on time every month, it could reflect positively on your credit score! 

What Happens if I Can’t Pay Back My Auto Title Loan?

Borrowers who fail to pay back their car title loans are at serious risk of having their vehicle seized by their lender. While each state has its specific procedures that lenders follow during the repossession process, there are a few generalities that they all follow. 

Once a borrower misses enough payments for their loan to default, they may receive a right to cure notice. This informs the borrower that they have a limited window during which they may pay the entire balance of their loan.

Once any applicable grace period has expired, the lender may repossess the borrower’s car. Once the lender takes possession of the car, they auction it off to attempt to recover any outstanding debt. Now you know that having declared bankruptcy in the past may not disqualify you from obtaining a car title loan.¹ The sea of options available to you, when you are looking to obtain a car title loan, may be difficult to navigate. Fortunately, Max Cash Title Loans may be able to help you find a safe harbor during your car title loan journey.⁵

How Many Title Loan Payments Can I Miss Before I Am in Default?

A default payment means that the borrower has failed to make the payments required to keep the loan account in good standing. Loan default can depend on the state that you live in but generally, lenders will say when the missed payments are considered in default, and how long the borrower has to contact the lender before they repossess the vehicle. 

What Happens if Your Car is Repossessed?

A car repossession could happen if you fall behind on monthly payments significantly. It can cost you money and time. Not only could you lose your car, but if the bank resells the vehicle for less than what you owe, you may be held responsible for paying the difference.  If there is any property within the vehicle, the lender must return it to the borrower. Repossession is the last resort for lenders. The goal is to have an alternative solution found before it gets to that point. 

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