How Long Do I Have to Pay Back My Title Loan?

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If a car title loan is on your mind, you may be curious about the repayment process. You may even be wondering: How long do I have to pay back my title loan?

Auto title loans are known by a few other names:

  • Auto equity loans,
  • Pink slip loans, or
  • Car title loans.

If you receive approval for an auto title loan, one of the things you can do to get yourself in a better spot is prepare for the repayment period. Every month, your loan payment will be due on the same day. Luckily, you may have many convenient options for title loan repayment.4 Most auto title loan companies will offer online payment through an app on their website. You can often pay:

  • Over the phone using a credit/debit card
  • By sending a money order
  • Or through a wire transfer at a local MoneyGram location

With proper management, the repayment process could be easy. 

How Long Does the Auto Title Loan Process Take?

If you have the car title to your vehicle in your name, you can apply for an auto title loan and get cash in a relatively short period. Once your application is approved, you will send over the required documentation such as proof of income, proof of residence, and the title to your car. Once all the required paperwork is submitted, you could get the money sent directly to your bank account. Or, you may even be able to pick up your cash at a participating location. The process will depend on how fast the client sends the required documents to the loan officer. Often, you could receive your title loan cash in no time at all.1

How Long Do I Have to Pay Back My Auto Title Loan?

The length of a title loan term will usually depend on the monthly payment you can afford. For example, the shorter the loan term, the more likely it is that the monthly payment will be high. This principle is similar to a car payment. If you decide to get a shorter loan term, in the beginning, you may end up paying larger monthly payments. With a shorter loan term, the amount of interest you repay can be less than that of a longer loan term. With a longer loan term, your interest rates may be higher, but the monthly payment is lower.

We understand that you may not know how much you can afford, or how much you will be able to afford a month from now, but try to take it one step at a time. Ask yourself, “how long can I pay an auto title loan back without it affecting my finances?”

Another great question to ask yourself when making these types of decisions is: “what are the chances that I can make extra payments to shorten my payment period and avoid paying for some of the interest rates?” These types of questions are crucial when deciding how long you want to pay for your loan. Make the decision that works for you!

What if I Do Not Know How Much I Can Afford?

If you are still not sure what you would like to do, it’s okay! Loan officers are professionals who are trained to problem solve with their clients to come up with an agreement that will be most manageable for them. That is what title loan officers are there for. Your loan officer can help you can decide which title loan provider and loan schedule will be the best option for you.4

Can I Pay My Auto Title Loan Earlier?

There are few things more liberating than the feeling of paying off a loan early. The number one reason to pay off any loan early is that you will end up saving money on interest. Interest rates vary widely depending on the lender and the type of loan. When a loan is paid back earlier than agreed upon, the lender loses out on interest fees. Most title loan companies will not charge you a prepayment penalty for paying early but watch out for it on the contract.3

How Can I Pay my Auto Title Loan Faster?

These tips below can help you pay off your loan in a shorter amount of time and potentially save you money on interest in the long run:

  • Round Up Your Scheduled Payments to the Nearest $10, $20, $50, or even $100-dollar Increment
  • Make One Big Lump Sum Payment Each Year
  • Don’t Miss Any Loan Payments
  • Make More Frequent Payments

Once I Know How Long I Have to Pay Back My Title Loan, What Happens if I Can’t Pay it Back?

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot pay your loan back, you should contact your lender immediately. Borrowers who can’t pay their loans back will go into default. What happens next depends on the state. However, some states mandate that lenders send out a right to cure notice, informing the borrower that they have a limited time to pay the loan balance, and other states do not. Once any grace period has elapsed, the car is eligible for repossession.

Once the borrower’s car is repossessed, it is normally auctioned off. Afterward, the money is put against the outstanding balance of the loan. Depending on the state, if the amount of money raised is less than the balance of the loan, some lenders may be permitted to continue pursuing the borrower for payment. In other states, if the money raised exceeds the balance, it must be returned to the borrower. Borrowers should consult the state laws to determine how it works in their state. While some lenders have a reputation for pursuing repossession, reputable lenders try to avoid it. They do this by helping borrowers ensure that they are taking on a loan that is a good fit for their situation. Some lenders will even try to work with them if their situation changes.

How Do I Benefit From Getting an Auto Title Loan?

Auto title loans are known to be “financial tools”, meaning that when they are used properly and paid back promptly, you could receive financial benefits! An auto title loan requires you to go through a hard credit check, which may lower your credit score and appear on your credit report. This is a necessary step of the loan process, and you could use it to your advantage. After all, when a title loan is paid back on time each month, payments may reflect positively on your credit!

How Can I Get Started?

Follow these easy steps if you want to get a car title loan through Max Cash® Title Loans.

  1. Apply for an auto title loan directly online, through our website. Or, contact one of our loan representatives at 855-561-5626!
  2. After applying, a loan representative will ask you to submit a few documents to help you get qualified for refinancing. This can take just minutes to do!
  3. Once you have submitted those documents, the last step is to sign your new loan agreement.

Start the auto title process today by applying online through Max Cash Title Loans. If you have any questions, our loan agents are available seven days a week to take your call at 855-561-5626!