How Much Does a Second Title Loan Cost?

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If you have experience with title loans and are wondering if you can get a second one, you might be wondering how much does a second title loan cost? While it doesn’t cost you anything to apply for a second title loan initially, your monthly loan payment will depend on the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term.

Can I Get Second Title Loan?

If you already have a title loan on an existing vehicle, you won’t be able to get a second title loan on that same vehicle until you’ve paid the loan in full. In order to get a title loan, you need a clear-and-free title to use as collateral for the loan. When you have a title loan on a car, your title is no longer clear-and-free because a lien has been placed on it by your current title loan lender.

You can take a second title loan out if you have another vehicle, be it a spouse’s car, a child’s car that your name is in, or a second vehicle that you own. Regardless if you have a title loan on an existing vehicle, as long as you have another car that has a clear-and-free title, you may be able to get another title loan on the second car.

Can I get a second title loan after the first is paid?

Once you pay off your first car title loan on your vehicle, the lien on your vehicle is released. That means you have a clear-and-free title. Even if you have used your car for a title loan before, you can get another one. There is no limit to how many times you use your car to get a title loan, as long as you have the loan paid off before you try to get another.

How to Get a Second Title Loan

Getting a second title loan on another vehicle will be the same process as the first vehicle. If the second vehicle is in your spouse’s name, your spouse will have to apply for the title loan the same way you applied for your first one. You can go through the same lender as your first car title loan, and you may get a good rate on your second loan.

If both you and your spouse’s name are on the second vehicle, you both may need to provide information and sign the contract to get the second title loan.

Should I Get a Second Title Loan?

If you are concerned about getting a second title loan, make sure you are financially prepared. While having a title loan on one car, you want to make sure you’ll be able to afford the payments on both cars.

Max Cash can help you make sure you don’t overextend yourself with your finances. We can connect you with a lender who can provide you a helpful title loan. Your lender can even help you come up with a unique and customized payment plan to help you with your monthly payments.

Refinance a Title Loan

Are you trying to get a second title loan to pay for your first? If you have a title loan with another company and the monthly payments are too high, you don’t need to get a second title loan! Max Cash can help lower your monthly payments by refinancing your current loan.

When Max Cash refinances your loan, we assess the value of your car and then offer you a new loan with a lower interest rate and new monthly payment plan. We pay the remaining balance of your current loan with your other lender, releasing the lien from them. Max Cash puts a new lien on your title, but you have a newer loan payment with a better interest rate.

To refinance your current title loan, follow the same application steps to apply and let your Max Cash representative know that you are refinancing once they contact you.

Applying for a Second Title Loan

Applying for a second title loan is easy if you’ve applied for one before. All you need to do is provide the same information and follow the same steps. Make sure it is for your second vehicle and not the vehicle you have a title loan with already.

  1. Apply online or in-stores.
  2. Submit your documentation.
  3. Sign your papers and collect your money.

If you forgot what documentation you need, that’s okay because Max Cash wants to make sure you’re prepared for your application. Have the following documents ready:

  • Vehicle title
  • Proof of income
  • Registration card
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • VIN, license plate, odometer
  • Proof of residency
  • Valid identification
  • Pictures of vehicle
  • 4 personal references