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How to Get Emergency Cash from the Government?

If you like many Americans are struggling with the aftermath of COVID-19, you may know that emergency cash from the gov. could help. For those who do not qualify for emergency cash gov. or cannot wait for relief, a loan option may help. If a title loan seems like the right option for you, let Max Cash Title Loans help you find the perfect title loan

Below is more information on emergency cash from the government, cash from non-profits, and other options that could mean cash faster.

Emergency Cash from the Government

There are all kinds of government programs that can provide you with emergency cash. For most of these programs, eligibility will depend on a few factors. When it comes to coronavirus relief, eligibility is significantly more flexible. 

Here are some of the emergency cash programs that the government has in place to help individuals and families who are struggling financially:

Programs Focusing on Families

  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)— TANF is a gov. program to help those who have defendants/children and are low income. TANF covers a broad range of necessitates. So much so, that there are a few help programs like SNAP benefits, under TANF. From food assistance, to childcare and housing, temporary assistance for needy families can make the essentials possible for families who are financially struggling. 
  • WIC —WIC provides nutritional help for pregnant women and children.
  • Low Cost HealthCare—for those who are low income, Medicaid and CHIP can be a cheaper alternative to healthcare.
  • LIHEAP (Low income Home and Energy Assistance Program)—LIHEAP can help families who are low income and are struggling to pay their utility bills. 

Relief Focused on Employment/ Work History

  • The SBA (Small Business Association) — The SBA can help all kinds of financial issues that small business owners face. From short term help, to long term, so a small business can continue to grow. 
  • Unemployment Benefits—If you are facing a job loss, layoff, or a significant cut in your hours, then unemployment benefits may help. In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits you must have not lost your job due to any fault of your own (including leaving voluntarily). Your local government’s office of unemployment can help you apply or get additional information. 
  • Cash Programs for Veterans— The US Department of Veterans affairs offers all kinds of assistance for veterans. No matter if you are a veteran facing homelessness, or a first-time homeowner, if you have served, this department is a good place to start for financial assistance.
  • SSI (Social Security Income)— Social Security can help those who are over 65 and retired. 
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Government Relief for Any American

  • Your Local Department of Human Services— your local department of human services can connect you helpful resources both on a national and local level.
  • FEMA—FEMA is the governments first response to disasters. They can help provide relief during an emergency, as well as help for the community afterwards. 
  • Resources from HUD (The Department of Housing and Urban Development)

Coronavirus Relief

  • The Economic Security (CARES) Act — The CARES ACT was passed to provide Americans from all walks of life, get some relief from the coronavirus outbreak. Regardless of the amount of time that has passed since the outbreak, these programs may still be in place. 

For those places still impacted from the coronavirus disease 2019, there may still be flexibility with benefit eligibility, as there was initially. Along with that, the initial coronavirus aid may still be available. For more information on the application process, and eligibility requirements, you can head to or the official website of the United States Government. 

Turning to Non-Profits when Emergency Cash from the Government Won’t Work

Another way to get the assistance you need, is going to be through nonprofits. No matter what kind of emergency you are facing, chances are there is a nonprofit out there who may be able to help. Here are a few nonprofits that operate all across the country:

  • The American Red Cross—The Red Cross helps fundraise and provides essentials to communities impacted by disasters. Things like emergency shelter, food, and rescue are just a few of the issues they can tackle.
  • The Salvation Army—the Salvation Army can help people with all kinds of essentials. Find your local program to get help. 
  • The United Way—The United Way is a nonprofit organization that works in a coalition of charitable organizations to pool efforts in fundraising and support. 
  • Nonprofits for Pets—If you need emergency cash for your furry friend, a animal charity may be able to help. The Human Society, Animal Charities of America, and the ASPCA are only a few. Learn more about all the different programs online. 
  • Local Religious Groups or Organizations— Many places of worship may be open to providing financial help to those who are having trouble finding cash assistance.

Loan Options for Emergency Cash

Although assistance from the federal government or local government can be helpful for some. Others may not qualify, or they may need a faster option. This is where a loan can come in. 

There are many types of emergency loans out there, and some may work better than others for you. Below you’ll find out about the basics when it comes to the different loans that are out there:

Credit Cards

The average American has about 6 credit cards they can use. If you already have a credit card with an open line of credit, it can be useful during an emergency. For those who would need to apply for a new one, credit history is a huge part of approval.

Payday Loans

payday loans work by using the borrower’s income as collateral for the loan. When the loan is taken out, the lender will ask for permission for a single pull from your checking account. This money will be taken out on the day for repayment. Payday loans can be fast and helpful but their interest rates are some of the highest. Along with that, repayment for both the principal and interest rates will be due in a short period of time (a few weeks at most).

Personal Loans

personal loans can be a great option when borrowing because they can come with low interest rates. Additionally, they can range quite a bit with loan amount and repayment length. However, you’ll need to have good credit to be eligible, so they may not be an option for everyone.

A title loan gets you cash but lets you hold onto your car!

Car Title Loans

car title loans are a type of secured lending. The security for the lender comes from the borrower’s vehicle will be used an asset for the loan. And so, when the loan is taken out the lender will get temporary ownership. However, the borrower will get to continue driving the vehicle. If you don’t have the best credit and need emergency cash assistance right away, these loans may be a great place to start. 

Start with Max Cash Title Loans

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Apply for Emergency Cash Today!

When you need emergency cash from the government, there are certainly support services and federal agencies that can help many people. However, for those who do not qualify for US government assistance, or need individual assistance sooner, a loan option could work. 

If you think a title loan is the right fit for you, start with Max Cash Title Loans today! Head to our website and apply for an online title loan right away!