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How to Get a Title Loan When Unemployed

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How to Get a Title Loan When Unemployed

Yes, you can get a title loan when unemployed.

Here, Fred Winchar, President of Max Cash Title Loans, explains:

Hello, Potential New customer…

Fred WIncharI know right now, as you read this, you may be unsure of getting a title loan because the rates and payments are usually high. You are afraid that if you can’t make the payment, that you will get your car taken from you, and with the uncertainty of jobs and the economy, it’s simply scary right now.  I can’t take those fears away completely but what I can give you is my insider insight into getting a title loan when unemployed and why now is the most sensible time to get it. I can share with you what I am seeing on this side so that maybe you can get a better feel of this.

First, auto title loan lenders, for the most part, are taking unemployment insurance as a form of income. We have lenders who either will not pull credit or will take FICO scores of at least 450 or greater (which is pretty low). We even have a lender that will not pull credit AND they will not require income. Things are changing.

Car title loans are high-risk loans, both on your side and on the lender side. Lenders get worried that customers will not be able to pay back the loan and if they have to repo the security it will give them a bad reputation. There are no “title loan forgiveness” programs out there, but there are Title Loan Refinances, which can get you out of a sticky situation and maybe even with better terms than what you have.  Now, more than ever, they need to be flexible with the customer on the payments and definitely try not to repo the cars. No-one is buying auction cars because there is a glut of cars.  The damage to reputations that they worked so hard to clean up is at risk. Everyone will remember this time and the title loan companies will be seen either as the hero’s who loaned money out when everyone else would not or the company who kicked the customers when things already were hurting.  We even have lenders that reduce their interest rate every month! Talk about flexibility.

I don’t want to say that if you fail to make your payments you will not get your car repo’ed. What I am saying is the lenders are going to do everything humanly possible to make it work out.

On your side is so much uncertainty.  Not knowing when you will get employed or the country getting out of the worse economic recession in decades. We are all turning to each other… family, friends… everyone who could help to take the pressure off and it’s a lot of pressure. But I implore you to see what that pressure is doing to you and your family. People are drinking and drugging more. Suicides are rising. Domestic Violence is growing. Please don’t think that this is not affecting you and everyone else. It is.

So what would a title loan do for you at this time? For starters it would, at least for a while, let you exhale. It would give you time to stop acting in fear but rather doing the things you could do to make it better. We all could only handle so many problems at one time. Too much uncertainty is very, very bad for you.

So right now, fill out the information form. It’s only a few questions. Talk to someone at my company. Get a solution in play. Take the loan or don’t. Either way, you acted and that alone will empower you to make things better for you.

I wish you all the best

– Fred



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