How to Pay for the Retainer Fee for my Attorney

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When you find yourself in need of a lawyer, the fees and services can be quite pricey. Through the services of a lawyer, there are fees such as a retainer. A retainer can be one of the most expensive fees of a court case or ordeal, and some lawyers will not work with you until you pay the retainer fee.

If you need good legal coverage, you will need to pay the fee. But some retainer fees can be thousands of dollars, and not everyone has that at their disposal! Luckily, if you need legal services but you cannot afford the retainer agreement, there are ways that Max Cash Title Loans can help you pay the upfront costs.2 5

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What is a Retainer Fee?

Generally, a lawyer will request upfront payment of services before working with you. This is known as a retainer fee, and is usually $500-$10,000 or more. A lawyer uses a retainer to cover the costs associated with the work they do, and sometimes to pay a paralegal. 

This fee arrangement is based upon a few factors, including court costs, filing fees, and other reasons. The retainer is considered unearned until the court case has been closed and finalized. 

Lawyers will take their hourly rate (or hourly fee) and multiply it by the number of hours they expect to potentially work on your case. If they end up not working as many hours or your case does not require the full retainer amount, it may be returned to you through the retainer agreement. 

Depending on the period of time they will be needed, the fees can change. Whether you need a personal injury lawyer, family law, malpractice, or any other lawyer services, your legal representation can require a fixed fee. 

How Can I Pay The Retainer Fee if I Do Not Have the Funds Right Away?

In some criminal cases, a lawyer’s services can be the cost of a down payment. Many people do not have this at their disposal, and legal costs can be draining on your bank account. When this is the case, you do have options! 

Some lawyers will agree to a pay arrangement. This is known as a contingency fee, where your lawyer will receive a percentage of what you win in the case, should it be decided in your favor. This fee agreement is normally when the case is dependent on a favorable settlement or verdict. In some cases, a law firm will accept a flat fee for most of their clients where a retainer is not required. If this type of fee is not an option, there are other avenues to consider if you cannot pay your attorney’s fees. 

Loan Options for Your Legal Fees

Not everyone has the exact amount of money needed for legal fees. While legal work is expensive, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get the legal advice you need! If you are struggling with legal issues or lawyer charges, here are some options to consider: 

Credit Card Advance:

If you already have a credit card provider, a credit card advance could be one of your options. Depending on your credit limit and needed fees, a credit card advance could be anywhere from $500-$5,000 or more. If you have a credit card provider, you can request an advance online or through a participating ATM. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that just like a regular purchase with your credit card, your advance is subject to interest rates. Depending on your provider, this could be up to 26% or more! Be mindful of this when choosing it to pay your legal fees.

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Personal Loan:

Another option that some borrowers can choose is a personal loan. Generally, personal loans are unsecured and do not require collateral for approval. This means that your credit must be in top shape in order to receive quality interest rates or even loan approval. If you have a credit score between 650 and 800, you have good odds for loan approval. Lower than 650, however, could mean that you are not eligible for one. Personal loans can be obtained:

  • At a Credit Union
  • Through a Bank
  • Through an Online Lender

If you are able to get a personal loan for your legal fees through a bank, you could be eligible for larger amounts of funding if it is a bank you frequent regularly and use. 

Title Loans:

Fortunately, title loans do not require perfect credit for you to apply. Since title loans are secured through collateral, those from all credit histories and backgrounds could receive approval! During the application process for a title loan, a lender will look at:

  • The Value of Your Car
  • Your Income and Ability to Repay the Loan

Title loans are secured through using the title of your vehicle as collateral. This makes the application process much more flexible than other loans! Your loan amount is based upon your income, and the value of your car. Often, borrowers can receive anywhere from 25%-50% of their vehicle’s value! If you have legal fees to pay for, you could receive your funds in as little as 24 hours!1 2

How Can Max Cash Title Loans Help Me Pay a Retainer for an Attorney? 

If you are struggling to pay your retainer fee for an attorney, Max Cash Title Loans has your back. We are the #1 title loan marketplace, and we can help connect you to thousands of verified lenders across the United States!
We can take the hassle out of finding the right loan for your financial situation. Start today by applying online, or calling one of our loan agents at 855-561-5626. Our agents are available seven days a week to take your call and answer any questions you might have!