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How We Get Paid

> How We Get Paid

How does MaxCash Title Loans get paid?


The car title loan company pays us for your referral. They also pay the yellow pages to advertise and they probably are doing other advertising as well. You see using Max Cash Title Loans does not add to any fees or make your loan cost more.

The big reason why we want you to directly work with us is that we have power in numbers. Because thousands of people use our company to get their car title loan, we are an important source of business for the car title loan company. Some lenders, we are the majority of their business and they know that when they see a customer coming from our company, they know to treat them like royalty.

You have a choice with who gets your car title loan business and so do we. If we get feedback from our clients that you did not get taken care of well, we have a choice to end our program with the lender and stop recommending their company. Like you, we know that in today’s economy, businesses cannot afford to treat people badly.  Our strength also gives us bargaining power. We can get a loan pushed through faster than any one person. We work for you on behalf of the lenders.

We get many lenders calling us asking if we would refer them. To do so means we have to do the dirty work and get to know all their title loan plans and structures. We also have to get to build a relationship with the underwriters to make sure they will give priority treatment to our customers. Once they pass our system, they then they are monitored on a case by case basis to make sure that each experience was positive.