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How You Get Your Money

> How You Get Your Money

How do you get your money?

Depending on the area you are in, there are typically mulitple ways to get your money:

  • Drive right in to the location and get the money.
  • Have the lender come to you with the loan document and a check.
  • Go to a participating store such as MoneyGram Locations.
  • Wire the money to your account.
  • Put the funds on a debit card which they mail to you.

The option is going to be based on your need and what the lender provides.  If you need the money today, you will have to drive to the nearest location and go into the office. If you have time, then the other options may be available based on the lender and your area.

The standard for the industry is the more paperwork you do or the more in a rush you are, the worse the amount of money you get and the higher the interest rate.  Some of our lenders are extremely easy to get a car title loan to the point that it is hard pressed to find an example where they didn’t fund someone.

The benefits for each are as follows:

This option works for the customer who needs their cash now. When you come to location, everything will be done right there and then but you may not get the best interest rate. To overcome this, typically customers who come directly to the location will get a special of some sort, like a gas card or a discount. The disadvantage is that the lender may not be close to you and you may have to drive a distance to the store.

Extremely easy to get, pretty much everyone who has a clear car title can get a loan. Some take old cars with high mileage but the newer the car, the smaller the mileage, and your ability to repay the loan, the higher the amount you can get.

This option works real well if you are not in “the big city” and live a ways out. You can get a car title loan the same way as coming into the store but the lender would like to have all the paperwork done prior to them coming to you with a check. This will require to you email, text or fax documents and will require you to fill out forms. Not that they are hard to fill out, it just will take time out of your day.

The benefit may be well worth the wait because you usually get a very low interest rate and a very high amount of money. Maybe they might look at your credit report to see if you are who you say you are but the credit does not have to be good at all.

This is typically done when you have an older vehicle or you have all the time in the world to get your money on a newer car. The nice part of this is the interest rate is usually incredibly low and the payment terms are usually exciting. Plus, you get a debit card.

Also you are not limited at all geographically. Anywhere. Any car. Great rates. Easy to get but they will probably check your credit. So-so credit is okay but bad credit is usually not allowed. This option is good for those people who don’t need it now but want to get it set up in case one day they do need the cash.


Some lenders use participating stores to fund their customers and write their contracts. They might even be one which you pass each day! You might see them as local currency exchanges or money stores. They might not even say they do title loans. If could even be an insurance agency! The lenders have contracts with these companies.

The benefit is one might be right next to you and you may not even know it. This option is great for people who do not see a title loan store nearby or needs an option but still would like the human touch of a face to face contact. In this day and age this is getting rare as most people trust online car title loan processes and funding


Easy, simple smooth.  Depending on your location this is one of the best options.  You can fill out all of the forms and information from the comfort of your own home and have the money directly deposited into your bank account.  You will be required to take photographs of your vehicle, and FedEx your title.  In some cases you will be required to send in a video clip to prove your vehicle is running.


Walmart has money centers and most larger supermarkets do as well. Some lenders choose this option because you can walk right up and give them your moneygram code given by the lender and actually get your cash right there! Not all lenders do this but many of them do so if this is an attractive option, ask!