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Title Loans in Highland Park

Do you feel like your home is being consumed by unpaid bills? Max Cash can bring you financial relief through Title Loans in Highland Park IL. The state of the economy may be looking pretty grim these days, but Max Cash Title Loans in Highland Park IL is your source for a stimulus boost.

The best way to get into contact with us is by applying online using our convenient and secure application for fast pre-approval for your Title Loans in Highland Park IL. Once you fill out the application, our customer advocates for Title Loans in Highland Park IL will be able to determine the value of your vehicle based on its year, make, model and total mileage.

You can also reach one of our experienced loan agents any day of the week by dialing 855-561-5626 (LOAN) who can answer any questions you may have about whether a car title loan is right for you.

Your car title loans are fully amortized, and you pay on the principle and the interest.  There are no balloon payments.  There are no games, gimmicks, hidden fees or procedures.  Max Cash will supply you with all the information that you need in order to make an informed decision that’s right for you.


There are a multitude of benefits to getting your car title loan through services offered by Max Cash:


  • Max Cash works diligently to find trusted loan lenders nearest you that offer competitive rates and low monthly payments.
  • Max Cash can have you approved for your title loan up to $4000 in a matter of minutes!  And you can have that check in your hands any day of the week.  The whole process from start to check-in-hands can be just a couple of hours – or sooner in many cases!
  • A car title loan through Max Cash’s services can work to establish your line of credit and improve your credit score.  This is because our trusted lenders focus on responsible lending practices.  We want you to succeed.
  • You get to keep your car during the entire duration of your auto title loan – driving it just as you normally would.


In order to be approved for a car title loan in Highland Park IL, you need a few simple documents:


To be approved all you need is a car title in your name, a driver’s license, proper vehicle registration, car insurance, proof of residency, a monthly income and a few references.  That’s it.

Stop fretting about your finances.  Let Max Cash work for you today to get you the financial relief that you need through Title Loans in Highland Park IL!

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