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Wondering about an emergency cash relief bill? With the coronavirus pandemic wiping jobs and many Americans to struggle to make ends meet, chances are you might be affected as well. In these uncertain times, you may be looking for an emergency cash relief bill to take care of your expenses while your paycheck has been cut.

While this can be a financially stressful time, there is help available for those that find themselves unemployed or facing hard times during this pandemic. There are a few different options to get the cash you need, whether it is through government benefits, or by letting Max Cash Title Loans connect you to an online title loan to help your financial burdens. 2 5

Read more about your emergency cash options and coronavirus relief below!

What Steps Has Congress and The Senate Taken to Help Americans During COVID-19?

Since the pandemic has cost millions of Americans to lose their jobs, naturally the first step is to find out how Congress and the Senate plan to help the country with cash assistance or assistance programs. 

As the first stimulus checks President Trump has approved have been passed out, the CARES Act has also been signed. This Act, known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act is a stimulus bill passed by Congress and signed into effect by Trump. 

The Act is designed to give Americans economic aid through:

  1. Economic Assistance for Small Businesses
  2. Assistance for American Workers and Families
  3. Assistance to Local, Tribal, and State Governments

One of the drawbacks to this Act, that Representative Tim Ryan is trying to fix through the Emergency Money for the People Act, is to expand relief to include college students and those on disability that are claimed as dependents. 

Under the Emergency Money for the People Act, monthly cash assistance payments are guaranteed for at least six months, instead of a one-time payment through the stimulus check. 

As the American people are facing financial insecurity, a one-time payment is just not enough, and consecutive months of paychecks are much more optimal as financial relief from the federal government. 

What Government Programs Can Help Americans Get Emergency Cash During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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A new emergency cash relief bill is in the works. However, it is not approved yet. 

However, different programs are offering emergency relief for citizens that are financially struggling. 

  1. Disaster Financial Assistance: If you are in need of financial assistance for housing, food, and bills, you may get that. Along with rental or mortgage relief through the CARES Act. This assistance program can connect you to the right benefits for your financial situation and provide temporary or short-term relief. 

In some cases, cash payments can be distributed to help families that are struggling financially. To apply, contact your state’s social services agency or visit the page to submit an application.

  1. SNAP Benefits: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program allocates cash payments to low income Americans and famallies.  

On average, recipients can receive an upwards of $150 in monthly payments for grocery assistance per month and get the cash relief they need for food.

  1. Diversion Cash Assistance: If you need financial relief in an emergency, congress created the Diversion Cash Assistance (DCA) to help families with financial issues and bills. This program can help cover expenses like:
  • Transportation Costs
  • Medical Expenses
  • Union Dues
  • Up front Employment Costs
  • Childcare Expenses
  • Clothing
  • Rental Costs
  • Utility Bills
  1. TANF: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is meant to help families living below the poverty line. While not all families can qualify for this program, it is an option to try.

Will Unemployment Benefits Help Americans Get Emergency Cash During COVID-19?

With COVID-19, unemployment rates are skyrocketing. If you have lost your job, the first thing you should do is file for unemployment. 

Unemployment benefits are available in all states. To apply you will simply have to contact your unemployment office or fill out a benefits application online. 

A major qualification for unemployment is how you lost your job. If unemployed due to no fault of your own then you may qualify.

With COVID-19, the CARES Act has expanded benefits to include self-employed individuals and contract/freelance workers to qualify for unemployment.

If your hours were cut because of the pandemic, you may be entitled to benefits through this relief act. While the one-time stimulus check has likely already been distributed to you, unemployment benefits may help during these uncertain times.

Unemployment Benefits for Americans During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you qualify for unemployment benefits, it is usually only a set amount per week. Your benefit amounts may differ from other recipients, as not all recipients have the same type of employment or salary. While some recipients may receive only $300 per week, another recipient may receive $450. Your funding amount may also depend on your state, and whether you have a dependent spouse. 

Married couples will receive higher benefits in most states.  These benefits can help cover your immediate expenses and bills with emergency cash if you meet the income eligibility requirements.

What to Do When Your Credit Score Prevents You from Getting Emergency Cash Relief from a Loan

If the COVID-19 pandemic or other circumstances have decimated your credit score, it may not be easy for you to apply for loans. If you need emergency cash relief and government bills aren’t helping, one of your options is to consider a title loan!

Secured with collateral title loans are flexible, in contrast to unsecured loans. This means that the title of your vehicle secures the loan, and the approval process can be made much more flexible! Another advantage of secured loans is the ability to repay based on your income and the value of the vehicle. And so, tailored to your financial situation.

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Contact Max Cash Title Loan for Emergency Cash Relief

With Max Cash Title Loans, we work hard to help our clients connect to the right emergency cash relief during this coronavirus pandemic. 5 

If you want to learn more about your loan options, visit the Max Cash Title Loan website and check out the FAQ page

Apply to get the emergency cash relief you need, simply fill out a short online title loan inquiry form with Max Cash Title Loans. Connect to the lenders that can help you!1 2 5