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Loan qualifications for a car title loan vary but tend to require three main points that make you valid for a car title loan. The following significant loan qualifications are:

  • Must be a legal adult, which is typically the age of 18 or older (unless you get a co-signer to help you get a car title loan)
  • Must own a clear, car title loan with the vehicle that you own.
  • Proof of income is necessary so that the lender can see that you are capable of making payments for your car title loan (this is actually required in many states that allow for title loans)

Once you have the essentials, loan qualifications must be followed based on the state you live in. In some state, car title loans are illegal, so you must see if your state permits title loans or not.

In case you have forgotten, here’s the list of states that find car title loans legal:














New Hampshire

New Mexico


Rhode Island

South Dakota






There are also other states that allow for car title loans under certain loan qualifications:




South Carolina

Now that you are aware of your state’s loan qualifications for a car title loan, there are still many other materials you will need during the application process before you can be approved for a car title loan. The list of documents and items needed for a car title loan are the following:

  • Photo ID; Government-issued
  • A copy of that free and clean title.
  • Three separate references that are not related to you.
  • Insurance, which is required by some states, but not all.
  • Social Security Card, or a document that has both your name and SSN listed.
  • Pictures of your car that include all sides, as well as the VIN and Odometer (remember that some lenders may charge to inspect your car or check its value for additional fees).

When all these loan qualifications are met, the application process should be completed. Once you are approved for a car title loan, there is just one more thing to do, and that’s collect the money from your car title loan.

Although these not necessarily the loan qualifications you need for a car title loan, the following are necessary to complete the car title loan transaction. Thankfully, many lenders have many options in terms of how someone can get their money from a car title loan. Here are just some car title loan lenders can get you your money:

  • MoneyGram
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Bank Account
  • Pick up in-store
  • Online account
  • Online banking

If there is one thing to note, is that most loan qualifications tend to ask for the same things during the application process. But nevertheless, we will let you know what most car title loan lenders will not ask you for.

What are some loan qualifications that I won’t need for a car title loan?

What makes car title loans different from things like a loan from a bank or a payday loan is how they don’t require significant loan qualifications. These are just some things that a car title loan lender will not ask for as the loan qualifications:

Credit history: A car title loan lender will not make credit history part of the loan qualifications because as long as you have some kind of “proof of income,” what you do with your money will never factor in your application process.

Credit score: For a car title loan, one must remember that a lender’s security of such a loan comes from using your car as a collateral. With that security, most lenders can provide a car title loan to anyone that match the essential loan qualifications, regardless of good or bad credit.

Employment history: If you are unemployed but can show proof of income, most lenders will understand because they see that you have capability of paying for you car title loan in some way. But keep in mind that unemployment, does not count as a proof of income.

So, after all of this, perhaps you think you have the right stuff and are ready to start looking for a car title loan on your own. But what about looking for the right one in your financial situation? Max Cash Title Loans has you covered!

Can Max Cash Title Loans find me the right car title loan based on loan qualifications?

As far as loan qualifications go, we at Max Cash Title Loans have years of experience on the process and would love to share that knowledge and insight with would-be borrowers like you. We offer our services as a car title loan broker and have served over 350,000 people around the world.

Finding car title loans is our job, and we’d be happy to do it for you, free of charge! That’s right! And we not only get you choices for your car title loans based on your financial situation but will be sure to fill you on the details of what loan qualifications you need to worry about for your car title loan.

Just remember that as an expert in car title loans, we at Max Cash Title Loans are here to help you and bridge the gap between borrowers and lenders throughout the country. Don’t delay, you can apply with us or call today so you can spend less time looking, and more time getting a car title loan based on simple loan qualifications.

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