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In 2016, Consumer Reports noted that many millennials have incurred considerable student debt because they are new to the workforce and attempting to establish themselves in their careers[1]. As the biggest generation in U.S. history, millennials face a stiff competition with not only other generations but within their own. Millennials are highly educated as evidenced by Pew Research Center’s 2015 findings that 60% of millennials aged 18 – 33 have completed or in the process of attaining a college degree compared to only 52% and 39% of Generation X and the Baby Boomers when they were the same age range[2]. Despite their great intellect, millennials are often underemployed and in many cases unemployed with Goldman Sachs signaling out the aftereffects of the 2009 recession as a primary cause for the hindrances that millennials face.  Luckily, there is one beneficial way that millennials can combat these roadblocks, car title loans.

Car title loans allow cars to be used as collateral for a loan. While in a 2012 article, Time Magazine praised how optimistic millennials are especially with regards to finding employment; the reality is that “stuff” happens[3]. Optimism sometimes cannot combat hard-hitting reality. When the fridge breaks, the toilet clogs or the dog needs an emergency operation; unfortunately, hope will not fix or make the problem disappear. Money is needed, and quick. One major benefit of car title loans is that the process is relatively fast, making access to funds easier in emergency situations.

Even when it’s not an emergency, car title loans can be a great benefit to millennials. In 2017, Bentley University put out a report on multi-generational impacts on the workplace. When referring to millennials, the study found that a great share crave work that is meaningful due to their desire to make a positive impact in the world. While for some, this may mean donating time or money outside the office, for others their social cautiousness drives the jobs they seek and ultimately take. This may explain why teaching abroad, and joining the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps are so popular amongst recent college graduates. As millennials opt out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship and humanitarian work, the result is often a less than desirable paycheck. Car title loans are a great way to bridge paychecks for millennials who preference improving the lives of others in hands-on ways over than the compensation they receive.

Another benefit of car title loans is that credit scores are not factored in the allocation of a loan. This is beneficial because in 2016 TransUnion found that 43% of millennials have bad credit[5]. Perhaps most exciting of all is that with car title loans, the customer retains full control of their vehicle as they work to repay the loan. Boston Consulting Group points out that millennials report a greater interesting in travel than the preceding generations[6]. Therefore, whether taking advantage of cultural experiences at home or abroad, with car title loans, millennials will have a greater ability to make it happen.

While car title loans might be a win, win, win, win, it is fair for potential borrowers to question when and how they will be able to may payments on their title loans. Luckily, in a world heavily dependent on technology, millennials have a lot of options. For fully-employed millennials, there are apps that can be set to separate out a certain amount of money each week into a separate account, and some apps can even interactively turn budgeting into a game. However, for millennials who fall into the underemployed or unemployed bucket, it is understandable that the saving money cannot be the answer; it has to be making money.

Oddly enough, while technology and manufacturing may be advancing, there seems to be a trend towards the homemade. In 2015, Forbes published an article about the rising popularity of do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts and the impact they may make on global brands[7]. There are websites solely dedicated to the at-home artist. Whether one can knit a custom baby cap, screen print on t-shirts for little league teams or whittle a chair for grandma, there is a consumer who will want in. Services aren’t only limited to crafts. Websites now allow for entrepreneurs to virtually interact with their market by offering services like video tutoring in foreign languages or providing instrument lessons. The opportunities are limitless, yet self-designed, so a person can carve their place in the DIY market daily or monthly, before or after work, or anywhere in-between.

Understandably, there may be a population of outliers who don’t have an income where saving will work and have not been blessed with artistic talents. Especially with the current age of most millennials, this population probably includes a sizable chunk of graduate students. Remember, millennials are smart. Beyond just the increase in young people attaining undergraduate degrees, there has also been a significant spike in the number of master’s degrees being awarded. A Washington Post Article in 2013 noted how between 2000 and 2012 the annual production of master’s degrees rose 63%[8]. Therefore, how can students who do not work or only have part-time jobs make payments on car title loans? The answer is kids.

While some may take on the challenge of becoming a nanny to infants and toddlers, there’s the lesser known and more pleasurable job of caring for tweens between the ages of 8 and 12. These jobs mainly entail transportation to school, sports practices and back home or just someone in the house for a couple hours until the parental units return. These adolescents usually have their own homework to do or would rather entertain themselves, which is a bonus of them growing up surrounded by technology and social media. Give them a remote and a bag of chips and the job is practically done. There may even be time for the “tween-sitter” to work on their own homework. The only thing needed is a car, and thanks to car title loans, that won’t be a matter of concern.

The stereotype is that millennials are quick. They want what they want, when they want it. Car title loans fit the mold: quick, easily accessible and manageable. Possibilities are limitless with the help of a car title loan, and with a group as intellectual as the millennials, the choice is as clear as the open road that lies ahead.