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Can I have more than one title loan at the same time?

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Can I have more than one title loan at the same time?

Since an auto title loan is mostly based on the equity that the vehicle holds, it is very common for a customer to be in need of funds that exceeds the amount that the vehicle is worth for an auto title loan. In this case, a customer may want to either wrap two vehicles into the same loan, or obtain two separate auto title loans at the same time. This article will go over your options to help you determine if there is an option that best fits your financial needs.


Adding two vehicles into the same auto title loan:

Unfortunately, adding an additional vehicle into the same auto title loan is not an option. As much as we would like to make this available to you, this is not something that can be done.


Obtaining two separate auto title loans at the same time:

This, is an option that can be made available. However, a few things that would need to be determined before an approval for two separate auto title loans. One of the determining factors would be the value of each vehicle. Certain vehicles may not qualify for the minimum amount that a lender is willing to lend. The loan officer would run the value of both vehicles and let you know if this would be an option for you based on the equity that each vehicle would hold.

The other determining factor is your monthly income. Since you are only able to obtain an auto title loan that is within your financial means, the loan officer would first need to make sure that your debt to income ratio will allow you to afford two separate auto title loans. Each loan would have their own separate monthly payments as well as their own separate interest rates. We are not in the business of setting up anybody for failure. This is why we need to make sure that we are putting you in the position for success. Remember, we are here to help you in your time of need, we are not here to put you in a worse position.


An auto title loan buyout:

This is another frequently sought after option. Since no two lenders are the same, the interest rates, as well as the loan amounts will not be the same. One lender might approve a higher loan amount, but at a much higher rate, or another lender might only lend up to a certain amount even if the vehicle is worth more than what was lent to the customer. Many customers that apply with us, ask us if we can find a lender to buy their current loan out from a competitor. If the loan amount is within the range of the value of the vehicle and the offer makes sense for the consumer to move forward, then in that case, we can assist with buying out their current auto title loan for either a better rate, additional funds, or at time both. This is an option that has helped many of our past customers.

Use this checklist as a guide to see if an auto title loan buyout is the option for you!

  • Ask your current lender for your 10 day payoff and the per diem
  • Speak to your loan officer about the options that we can provide for you in order to have your current loan bought out
  • Gather the required documentation for the loan officer as well as the correct contact information for the lender that you currently have the loan out with
  • Sign your contract and receive your funds!


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